Thursday, October 26, 2017

An Earlier Time - Paint Samples at the Scottish Rites Cathedral

The Scottish Rites Cathedral is now during the tear down.  During these last years the paint has been a lovely positive element of the scene in the Stadium District. Their paint choices had worked so well with the view from near the grocery. 

An old photo shows paint samples during the decorating project. 

Hunger, by Roxane Gay, Tacoma Reads Together

This morning on the way to the volunteer job I attended the coffee shop office hours of one of my elected officials, Laurie Jinkins.  She co-moderated with Mayor Marilyn Strickland the book discussion last week at Wheelock Library; the large circle at the meeting room in the old McCormick Library section filled the whole floor area.  Many participants spoke about Hunger by Roxane Gay, the choice for Tacoma Reads Together by Marilyn Strickland.  

Office hours, relocated from an ice cream place to Connie's Donuts.  After a little walk I got in line and spoke to Laurie Jinkins.  I mentioned my comment at the book discussion, that I had read A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway when I was a page at McCormick Library so long ago, and from some characteristics of the writing in Hunger, I wondered if Roxane Gay was influenced by the work of Gertrude Stein.  

Ann Dasch, Leg. Assistant, Laurie Jinkins
Laurie Jinkins had not remembered my comment, and said she wished she had been able to ask
about influences at the reading last night at Lincoln High School. I had not been able to register until the seats had all been taken.  Laurie Jinkins said the event went very well, all the seats had been taken, only a few were left.  The response to the author and her perfomance was wonderful, and it was a good event.  

Another citizen awaited at the small round tables, and across the street my bus arrived almost as soon as I reached the stop.  On to the volunteer job at PLU Archives.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

This Year And Last Year's Art Show At the Building

During many months at the building I live in, residents have become more portable tenants to prepare for building remodel plans, and everyone has boxed things up.  As July came near, I found the building’s gathering area cleared of things, only to await redecoration for a time.  Others joined in with me to also seize the day and use the space as an art studio.  Although their other plans took priority, the small Fourth of July Art Show materialized.  So, yesterday I set up the Art Show ahead of the festivity of its opening morning today...  That was my blog entry for the First Annual Art Show at the building where I live, held last year on the Fourth of July. 

This year half a dozen people participated in the Second Annual Art Show.  I brought photographs again.  This year there were quilts, paintings, wood craft, painted ceramics and more.    

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cascadia Poetry Festival This Weekend

Yesterday, Wednesday the 11th, after I had a flu shot at my building, I walked for about an hour, I think it is wise to have the flu shot distributed everywhere in your system, and the best way would be to exercise to get circulating.  At a Little Free Library I saw a book I noticed on the supermarket book sales stands:  the new Lisabet Salander novel written by a different author from the original series.  I looked inside and read just a little, in places.  And it was quite interesting.  I have a reserve on the book at the Tacoma Public Library.  But I decided to just leave the brand new book inside the sidewalk book library because I will attend the Cascadia Poetry Festival this weekend and cannot expect to be free to read any of the Salander story.  Someone else probably has found the book by now.