Tuesday, May 31, 2011

French Toast

The last day of May. According to the weather in the newspaper, it has been a rainy spring. Over Memorial Day Weekend, I may have seen a Varied Thrush fly into some trees. And I saw a Red Wing Blackbird. I can enter at the Bicycle Month logs that I rode seven miles to the cemetery.

For over five years it has been important to my menu plan that I have no French Toast or Pancakes because fried foods contain too much fat. On Memorial Day Observed I tried a recipe for Guerrilla French Toast - this is baked French Toast - from the cookbook Guerrila Cooking (1996: St. Martin's Press, New York City). Any French Toast fan will believe this meant something to me.

The Author of Guerrila Cooking, Mel Walsh, has a blog called The Geezer Diary.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Norman Rockwell - Paintings and Magazine Covers at the Tacoma Art Museum

We had The Saturday Evening Post when I was a child and a student. None of our magazine copies resonate for me apart from the fame so many of the images have. I remembered liking these. We certainly had the magazine every week.

So I visited the whole set of the magazine covers by Norman Rockwell at the Tacoma Art Museum today. I visited on Art Walk but the rooms were very crowded. This time the museum also featured the new exhibit of a very high wall of the blankets Chihuly has collected since the 1970s. These face a very high wall of portraits of Native Americans.

When Rockwell represented a catholic, he used props and costumes which were familiar to the protestants - a rosary, and December 23, 1944, two nuns in black and white habit part of a crowd in a railroad station that includes a red cap, who is an African American.

Rockwell's core characters are a really specific little Anglo-American group. This small group was presented as the genuine America. I think the media has chosen not to portray immigrants - none of my grandparents spoke English when they came to the United States in the later nineteenth century. In fact some Scandinavian Americans were in America along with other immigrants from other continents. The exhibit features art by Norman Rockwell about the Civil Rights Movement.

The work was very popular. Although I certainly remember liking the Saturday Evening Post pictures, I am sure the question of the lasting meaning of Norman Rockwell -( well, does any art have a meaning that lasts )- should be about publishing as an industry and that the work was made for immediate print in mass media.

Memorial Day Weekend

This post card from 1917 from my great-grandfather's sister to the family shows a Union veteran in remembrance.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zina's park: A place to play in peace | Kits Merryman - The News Tribune

Zina's park: A place to play in peace Kits Merryman - The News Tribune

The front page photograph for this article includes First Lutheran Church in the background - in the foreground children march toward King Boulevard and on to McCarver Park.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

After I Returned From Scandinavia in 1990

After I returned from Scandinavia in 1990 I bought a bike. I have never owned a car, I use public transportation, walk, or ride a bicycle. Now is Bike to Work Month here in Tacoma, Washington.