Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Bird Count Results, 2012

My illustration includes the bridge and part of the pond fence from before the restoration.

There were rushing sounds of both a little waterfall and a fountain in the middle of the pond during my choice of the pond at Wright’s Park for my Thanksgiving Bird Count 2012. It was Nice weather without rain, and on each side of the pond was the sandwich board reminding visitors of a fine of over four hundred dollars for feeding any wildlife. I stayed for an hour during the morning, after ten.

Inside the count cylinder were -

1 Leucistic mallard, female

1 seagull flew over yellow on beak

3 female, 2 male mallards

Outside -

6 juncos

2 dozen seagulls

6 additional mallard 3 m, 3 f

On the internet I had learned that the Blond Duck that had puzzled me was a leucistic mallard, a mallard with missing pigmentation in some of the feathers. The coloring is very pretty - cream upper wings, cream in tail feathers, with brown like mallards in flecks. I had wondered if this was another kind of duck, I never saw a mallard with cream colored feathers before.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Many Autumn Leaves, Adjusted and Corrected

The long-ago photo from a post, its on-its-side position, time to correct that from long ago.  Well, lego-style. 

Many Autumn Leaves

November and on a day with sun there are many autumn leaves along the ground.  Time to shift a long-ago photo from its side, time for something correct and adjusted.  However the image is all Kaliedoscoped by the many autumn leaves and their sounds.