Thursday, January 30, 2020

At the United States Archives 1998

Andrea Baago
One morning in July 1998 I spent time trying to find a yellow slicker that vanished.  One moment it was just not there, I took a couple of busses back and searched at stops.  I got to the United States Archives only by the afternoon, did only two hours of research on the microfilms.  The next morning I took the Seattle Express bus back and did four hours in the morning.  I did more again in the afternoon.  The microfilm machines would make a copy for the researchers.

Both scenes I easily recall.  Later in the diary I have taped in the ticket, 27th row, for the Bob Dylan concert at the Western Washington Fair.

The microfilm was referenced through the set of research books, German Passenger Ships Arrivals Lists which were at the Tacoma Public Library.  My grandparents came from Prussian Occupied Denmark, on my father’s side.  I had gotten the slicker when I was going to go to Scandinavia, in 1990.  My grandmother’s name was Andrea Baago.  I will include her name from the Steerage Passengers Listings.

The U.S. Archives are a part of the Northwest.  I hope they remain there, although the government may move them, I find this difficult.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020