Thursday, September 28, 2017

Plan To Share An Audio

Linnea Jensen (1911-1986) was a talented piano player all her life.  On my blog, Spice Drawer Mouse,  I  include diary entries with photos she took as Linnea Gord, a nineteen-year-old piano accompanist with the Order of Runeberg Choir in Finland in 1930.  She became choir director for the Order of Runeberg Choir in 1934.  In 1978 The Trebleaires made a cassette tape, Linnea Jensen as accompanist,  the Audio Slideshow I want to include features a short selection from the tape.  She continued with the Order of Runeberg all her life.

Linnea Jensen was also a life-long member of First Lutheran Church in Tacoma and sang with their choir.  Today in Celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Pacific Lutheran University has scheduled a Choir Conference.  So I want to share this sampling which features Linnea Jensen, who was my mother, as choir accompanist.  I plan to share the Audio Slideshow on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Betty Fukuyama Was in a Project at Camp Minidoka

Visited the Fair Museum Monday on a rainy day.  Found the name of Betty Fukuyama's husband at the exhibit for the 75th Anniversary of Japanese Internment at Camp Harmony.  So I signed the guest book in memory of Betty Fukuyama, who died in 1992.  She met her husband, I believe, as a ministering participant in a project at Camp Minidoka.  I once met Betty Fukuyama's husband Tom.  Betty Fukuyama was very active with the Washington Poets Association, and published a booklet of 25 poems. 

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Name lists arranged in the room