Monday, January 22, 2018

Brown-Eyed Susan Cake - Lost Betty Crocker Recipe Found -

I wish to link to my blog entry from December 15, 2015.   In this entry I discussed my mother's Aunt Marie, who worked in the test kitchen at the Sperry Flour Mill and their Martha Meade Recipe Book,  my cousin has a copy. The copy I have was placed on the free table at the apartment building where I live.  I discuss specifically their peanut butter cookie recipe, the recipe my mother preferred.

So many years ago a friend gave me the Betty Crocker New Picture Cook Book, published in 1961.  I noted in its peanut butter cookie recipe different ingredients and measurements that make the Betty Crocker recipe the Margaret Meade recipe.   My mother's recipe books that I had packed in a box are not with me.  I am not an only child.  With cook books where I live I have a cardboard box with loose recipes my mother collected.   We could have a slice of the white bread she always made for my father, who had allergies.  Every year she succeeded with a large number of recipes for Christmas Cookies.  Among the cards, some in plastic covers, are two other cook book booklets which must, like the Martha Meade Recipe Book, have come from her aunt, or from her mother. 


Betty Crocker leaflets and booklets must be set away in many kitchens, I waited some time on the holds list before I picked Betty Crocker's Lost Recipes up yesterday at the Pierce County Library.  Some of the recipes do not seem so lost – I have sometimes made the Molasses Crinkles, for example.  I noticed a double-page spread near the back that recreates an older illustration of six cakes with floral names:  Pink Azalea,  Daffodil,  Brown-Eyed Susan, Chocolate Joy,  Bouquet of Flowers, and Old Kentucky...something (which does not show in the photograph), and a booklet my mother had does indeed contain the recipe for the Brown-Eyed Susan Cake.   True!  My sense of an approach to the 100th anniversary of the Betty Crocker Kitchens, which began in 1921, is augmented by my booklet from 1933 that solves one missing element from the 2017 Betty Crocker's Lost Recipes cookbook. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018.  This year in Tacoma we can anticipate further change at the Yacht Club area near Point Defiance.  At Facebook I earlier shared a clipping on which my mom Linnea Jensen indicated where her father's fishing boat was kept at the yacht club, she marked the location on an photo from 1936 reproduced in the newspaper.