Monday, November 2, 2015

Arts Month and Daylight Savings Time End, I Read Some Books

Daylight Savings Time extended the weekend by one hour.  October was busy,  I dared to settle in and   read.  I was able to finish  Finding Me, by Michelle Knight with Michelle Burford, about the Cleveland Kidnappings.   A lot of people recall the difficult impact of the story of three girls held captive for ten to twelve years. 

I looked for Read-Alikes for The Case of the Missing Books, by Ian Sansom, and found a series by Elly Griffiths about a Forensic Archaeologist.  I could find The Janus Stone.   While browsing, I saw T.C. Boyle’s Talk Talk, at the start police arrest a woman who runs a stop sign because there are warrants out for her arrest.  She spends the weekend in a county jail.  It is about Identity theft.  I waited in line to again read Sara Paretsky’s  Brush Back, the protagonist again in her childhood neighborhood in South Chicago.
During Arts Month I supplied copies of Poetry Northwest for display at the Tacoma Poetry Festival.  I attended the presentation that included David Wagoner.   Happily, art of mine appeared at Hinches de Poesia.