Monday, June 28, 2010

A blog - Pa Livets Bastmattan - which explains that Flicka Ricka and Dicka are Rufsi, Tusti, and Tot in Swedish.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bus and Light Rail to Seattle

This morning after almost two hours at Swedish Finn Historical Society I went to look at the Eagles Auditorium Building downtown then did the Airport Light Rail for the first time.  On the way to the Eagles I was walking under the monorail line from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, it ran along the rail ahead of me. The Light Rail ride was okay, compared to the monorail it is such a long distance.    After the Light Rail the elevator to the Airport Station on Airport Way had windows like the Space Needle elevator. 


The Eagles building drew crowds for rock in the 1960's.  Before the Tacoma Reads Together Dashiell Hammett events I checked 1968 newspaper microfilm about the concert I attended there which ended with a Maltese Falcon screening.  The eagles on the fa├žade are finialled by an eagle that seems to be on a staff at the building top.  It was a Halloween Be In with the Youngbloods.   The auditorium, I had learned, has been for a few years the home of ACT Theater. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

History of Scandinavians in Tacoma and Pierce County, with brief history of Tacoma and early settlement

The previous post was from History of Scandinavians in Tacoma and Pierce County, with brief history of Tacoma and early settlement by Hans Bergman.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hjalmar Nyman was born in Skepparstad, Smaland, Sweden, September 15, 1854.  At the age of fourteen he got a position with a mercantile firm in Stockholm, where he remained for seven years, or until 1879.  He then went back to Smaland and Traheryd where he for about two years had a general merchandise store run in connection with a  Traveler's Inn.  In 1880 he emigrated to America and during the first year had various employment in Minnesota and Dakota, and in 1881 went to Montana where he for over two years was employed by the Western Union Telegraph Co. during construction time.  He came to Tacoma in December 1883, and in January of the following year went into the hotel and restaurant business in the Hotel Svea, at the corner of 11th and Commerce Streets.  In those early days this location was considered far out, although now in the center of the business district, and Nyman used to tell how people came in and asked him how he "liked it, out here in the woods."  During those early days Nyman acquired considerable property here and was also a factor in politics.  The large number of men that held forth at his establishment would at some elections decide the outcome.  No registration of voters was required.  Nyman also tried his hand at newspaper publishing and together5 with his partner established the Tacoma Tribunen.  He was a member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade for six years and was at one election candidate for county assessor on the democratic ticket.  During the panic of 1893 he lost all he had, like many others, but later bought another property at Pacific and Jefferson where he for a number of years was conducting business.  About three years ago his health began to fail him, resulting in his death October 2, 1925.  Nyman was married in 1888 to Della Mercer.  There are four children, two sons and two daughters.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bicycle Race on Pacific Avenue

Last month I went along with plenty of people for Tacoma Public Library's first Walking Tour, past the historic Washington Building. There I lost the thread of the narrative and asked if the Washington Building was the Dashiell Hammett Maltese Falcon building from which the metal beam fell in the story within a story narrative.

Yes, that is the building, the same building. And our group, sizable, walked across Pacific Avenue peering up at the building against the sky. Just beyond was the Eleventh Street Bridge.

Now there is a bicycle race that takes large groups of bike riders in heats along Commerce, and around the corner - they appear a block farther, cross the landscape between the buildings, one the Washington Building, where the Eleventh Street Bridge appears clear in a June sky. June weather has appeared out of the rain. The sky is very blue.

There are old photos of historic Tacoma on the internet. I began to view the bike race from the corner where Manning's Market was. With my mother we went in and bought smoked liver sausage. She bought potato sausage there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Way to The Public Transit Open House

We determine ahead of time that we are going to be afraid of some things.

On my way to the Pierce Transit Open House about changes I realized that I have experienced thoughts of going to a meeting with You Tube Carol Burnett shows. I read her book, which is described as rising from audience discussions and from introductions of guest stars, and found I believed it quite a lot. The You Tubes made me think of their cast as a gender balanced Marx Brothers Group. Margaret Dumont was a part of the plot frequently, there must be some influence in Margaret Dumont's dignified personal performance in the company of Groucho.

By the time I reached the event, an Open House about changes, I was thinking about the Marx Brothers and the Carol Burnett You Tube and decided I could not think about the charts and maps presented. One of the videos I saw was No Frills Airline.

Outside on my three block walk to catch a bus it began to rain harder and harder. One huge tree covered over, kept all the rain for part of one sidewalk, I once lived nearby. I waited beneath an overhang of an old-fashioned store that is not currently in business.

One of the You Tubes had a comment, I think I have flown with this airline. I got the bus.

We do determine ahead of time that we are going to be afraid of some things. That might be why slap stick works. Not because we are afraid, and not because the elements of slapstick really would hurt us, but because we have the fear planned out, and unless we can release the stylized fear, we cannot think and plan ahead to manage the experiences that are difficult.