Friday, October 31, 2014

Computer Art

Computer Art, Photographed
My Computer Class followed a class in Job Search Training.   The Job Search Training Class featured stormy rainy days at wide windows of a class room.  The Computer Class meandered into warmer weather separately, at an upstairs room at James Center, across from TCC.  It was the Twentieth Century as it drew to a close, and our Computer Learning was on Computers of that Century.

Again, computer art from the twentieth century library surplus computer. 

October, Tacoma Arts At Work Month.

Man With Two Pumpkins Walking Downstairs - Older Computer Art - Tacoma Art At Work Month

Man With Two Pumpkins
Walking Downstairs
During first sessions on Computer in 2000, I drew Man With Two Pumpkins Walking Downstairs.  It expressed the new feelings of managing the new skills.  In Tacoma Art At Work Month, in 2014 October, I have shared on the blog some computer art.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich (Tacoma Reads Together 2014) and Housing

1.    Mary Tyler Moore Show began in September 1970.  (On the internet, for fans now, both Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper from the show are featured with health concerns, I cannot refer offhandedly to the show without expressing a continued concern that they be well.) 

Cookies with decals on tiles
At 140-some dollars a month, according to the internet, Mary’s rent in Minneapolis (twice what I paid in student housing at the time for a room) was close to low income housing for the time.  Low income housing has changed because old houses are now historic buildings. Nickel and Dimed describes how meager the low-income reality is.  Mary and her neighbor Rhoda were portrayed by beautiful actresses, but the story they told was about working women.
2.   Tuesday evening the security guard said there was a reading of Nickel and Dimed at seven.
I said I was sorry to not have anything left.  The Tuesday before, after returning from the volunteer job at PLU I saw Barbara Ehrenreich interviewed by a moderator from TV Tacoma. 
At McDonald’s, in a tiny rain, I remembered  other reading group discussions, when I spoke of how anxious I had been, when a new building nearby  was not a Marlene’s Market.  (It was a new McDonald’s, they later destroyed the old one.)
I had not told the truth.  I had something left:  two cookies, leftover from thawed lunch cookies I made Saturday for Sunday, when the church installed the new minister.  A flock of ministers processed, then cookies and punch.  They used about half, and since they had bales I carried my own cookies back.  
I stood on the sidewalk, ate the two cookies, then walked back.
The little rain on the pants I had worn at the volunteer job at PLU evaporated pretty soon, I did not catch cold,  actors read a script of the story aloud, they enunciated very well, it was easy to understand.  It was an interesting evening.    
Cookies at church

And at eight-thirty it was not raining as I walked back.
3.    Nearly thirty years after 1970, gentrification had followed.  Barbara Ehrenreich’s  Nickel and Dimed in part is in Minneapolis.  Again on the internet,  photos inside the restored actual Mary Tyler Moore Show house today are accompanied by a comment in the spirit of gentrification – “I hate seeing a house turned into apartments…”  I have been impressed with the similarity of Mary Tyler Moore Show’s setting, because  I lived in houses turned into rooming houses and apartments throughout college and after as a Master of Fine Arts Degree recipient who worked self-employed.  (I think it is permissible: I saved but do not plan to publish two photos of a remodeled unit where I lived for years, it is very gentrified.  It now has a tiny stairs up to a loft.)
Low income housing shortage and high cost make me wonder if turning houses into housing might work if clusters of smaller houses were remodeled to accommodate single workers.  A row of three houses might include sleeping rooms with the house in the center offering residents board and a living room area.  In my idea of this, management would have strong oversight, perhaps by organizations that support low-income workers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Computer Art from the Twentieth Century Computer

Computer Art from the Twentieth Century Computer -

Monday, October 20, 2014

Computer Art - Sur Le Table

Another Computer Art saved with a camera from my twentieth century computer.
Sur Le Table 2

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Computer Art

Butterfly 3, which has been
modified with the camera phone
Longer entries to Spice Drawer Mouse are written on a computer, specifically the Surplus Library Computer I bought in 2007.  Some of the time I have done some Computer Art, and lately I have saved my computer art by snapping photographs.  I have saved a few on discs.  This is just one of the art pieces from my 20th Century computer, which runs Windows 98.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday and Sunday, History, Second Part

In the 1950s at Washington Grade School we had recess in the basement, a photo of the old basement was featured in the new on Saturday.  At the Junior High School in Edgewood, the Nordic Festival featured a Viking Shelter and more crafts.

Saturday and Sunday of History

Saturday and Sunday were Scandinavian days...the church requested the people show photographs of people who had been in weddings at First Lutheran Church.  I wanted to make a copy of the Marriage Return filled out by Pastor Frisk in 1905 regarding my grandparents marriage. (At Proctor I toured the restored Washington Grade School, and that was very nice.  We loved school and it mattered so much, I will always think of myself as a school child.) I planned ahead to make a copy of my grandparents's marriage return, which was on my usb, Saturday morning at Wheelock Library then connect for the Saturday trip to the Nordic Festival. 
A previous exterior window
is preserved on the intereior
The 14 bus connected to the Airporter via Federal Way, where I caught a bus to the Nyholm Windmill and walked to the Junior High School. 

Two photos showed 1954
when my cousin's was married
at First Lutheran Church
On Sunday morning they had a lot of photos of people who had been in weddings - I was a part of my cousin's wedding in 1954.  It was sixty years ago, and sixty years ago that I was in Kindergarten at the grade school. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Speech by Paul Lundborg, Retired Lutheran Pastor, at Runeberg Lodge

Retired Lutheran Pastor Paul Lundborg spoke about family history at the Runeberg Lodge this afternoon.  His book is called Death of A Dream.  He is a descendent of settlers who died in the U.S. / Dakota Wars in the 1860s.