Friday, March 24, 2017

Spice Drawer Mouse Is Ten

Spice Drawer Mouse is Ten.  It seems yesterday that the blog was two, and celebrated with the nice cube at left.  At Facebook is a short video to celebrate.

Link To First Blogpost of Spice Drawer Mouse

The first blogpost of Spice Drawer Mouse is dated March 27, 2007.  Soon it will be ten years since the first blogpost of Spice Drawer Mouse. 

Back After Weeks And I Did Read

Weeks since my previous post:  after I finished reading the Sara Paretsky book with the passage I referred to:    I found a meter around the corner from the Star's building on Kinzie and Canal.  One of Global's economizing measures had been to close down the Star's beaux arts building in the Loop and to move the reporting and editorial staff out to the press building along the Chicago River.  Given the four-hundred-million-dollar price tag for Global's corporate headquarters on Wacker, I suppose every penny saved on investigative journalism was essential; through my haze of anger I felt a brief twinge of sympathy for Murray, moved into this dingy building in the shadow of the rail yards and expressways.         (I realized the comment can apply to many who find digital publication brings change, I found this passage to be great .)
I have followed my own advice and re-read another volume in this series, Body Work.  Elements of the plot were in harmony with the Pierce County Reads new selection, Grunt, about the supplies countries provide for military.     I read Louise's Lies by Sarah Shaber, a volume from the Louise Pearlie mysteries - Louise works for a government office, the OSS, which accumulates sensitive and useful data for the use of the war department.  The character show the reader Washington D.C. during World War Two.  Central to the scene in Louise's Lies is the unoccupied German Embassy.