Friday, February 26, 2010

Thoughts on City of Tacoma Mobility Master Plan - sections on

Prerequisite, Pork Chop Refuge Island, Trigonometry,

Haiku, The True Slab, and Globalization


I browsed the shelves years back to find

A study of shapes called topology stands

between Geometry and Trigonometry.

Topology stands as Trigonometry's prerequisite.

Topology prepares us to determine cubic measure

in a coffee cup with a handle.

Topology prepares students to determine

cubic measure in

a Triangular Slab with Rounded Corners.


Without the blessing of Topology,

Master Plan can only call it Pork Chop Refuge Island.

A pig walked along toward slaughter

who inspired a wealth of pig animal literature.

A swine fell over a cliff in the New Testament

filled with devils from mad humans.

There was a Pork Chop Hill

from the Korean War.

There was a Leg O' Mutton Sleeve -

the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Tragic Fire.

But this triangular slab of cement

with rounded corners

is, in the Mobility Master Plan

a street barrier.


After that moment browsing I put the book

called Topology back on the shelf.

Vivid thoughts of Trigonometry

pulsed through soul, heart, and brain.

The Other White Meat. The British usage

of French for Animals served on the plate.

My boomer development, split-level,

high school out on Christmas Tree Lane.

My two university diplomas.


Out of the great sky

came like a recollection

A Little Snowflake


Our true slab is local history.

When grandmother and grandfather were young,

A Stadium woodshop project

was a chopping board shaped like a pig.

Because one reserved this

for chopping onions, it was

always referred to as The Onion Pig.

The Master Plan can require all

irregular slabs with rounded corners

to truly be shaped like a real pig

in memory of the Onion Pig -

and all Woodshop Projects.

Onion Pig Memorial Refuge Island -


Our newly invested reality - post-ethnic,

a feature of Globalization:

If we Are Globalized and Post-Ethnic,

will not this Pork Chop be chopped

up into little meat features

in some cuisine that can in no way resemble

Frontier Steak House of our imagination,

Frontier Steak House of the Wild West.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Cymbal

The Gord Family Orchestra went to Sweden and Finland in 1938. What wonderful dance band songs they played on the Lancastria as the Suomi Band for the Excursion to Finland.

A Happy Valentine's Greeting for the Orchestra and the wonderful Scandinavian Dance Band Music.