Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lilac Aroma

Was sick and busy with other matters, as well, so the internet has done without me.  The lilac bush was a perfectly wonderful event today, all lilac aroma.  Today I would have looked up an interesting bird sound on the internet.  But is happened to be a delivery truck making a steady small parking beep. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ready For Hillary - That Sounds Like A Good Idea

One - Ready For Hillary
I still own the Ladies Home Journal spring issue in 1993 that describes Hillary Clinton’s intellectual accomplishments, a really smart First Lady, a practicing lawyer.   That Ladies Home Journal came from a large chain pharmacy along a boulevard from a hospital emergency room in Virginia Beach.   I saw a medical professional at the emergency room for an ear infection, a condition I recognized from an earlier ear infection in 1985.  I bought the Journal along with my prescription penicillin, then Chinese food at a nearby large chain Chinese restaurant (take with food), more transit travel with my transit schedule back to the motel via a convenience store for bread, peanut butter, I think fruit juice and newspapers. 
I was at the AWP 1993, at their then home base in Virginia and instead of the touristing I read and took  penicillin.  In the autumn there were newspaper photos of Bill and Al, Hillary and Tipper, the Journal article with Hillary Clinton’s photo on the magazine cover was my introduction to Hillary Clinton.  As a poet,  other reading materials absorbed me, it had been a long time since there had been a chance to have a Ladies Home Journal.  But this was pure homespun for me, I was sick, you see, and lucky one was on the magazine rack.
I cannot release the idea that “Ready for Hillary” requires penicillin.  Perhaps if I share my situation during my introduction to Hillary Clinton, I can make the transition. 
Two - Ready For Hillary
Over twenty years since 1993, a recent episode displays Hillary Clinton and her effort for reimagining the incident, “Is that a bat?” she wants to know.
And perhaps some restructuring of the incident could have made this object a bat from the ceiling. Someone threw a shoe.  Also, it was not a fashion critique, it was an object brought in and reused as a projectile. 
My shoe is a fashion critique, because it matters so much to me.  My thoughts are steeped in a still picture of the incident.   In the picture,  Hillary was wearing high heels.  As a mature woman, I rejected that shoe type long ago.  There are a lot of sensible walking shoes that are very office appropriate.    
I have never owned a car, I use public transit, walk, or since 1990 use a bicycle.  My newest shoes (see illustration) have orange like signs the bus passed this morning, “Caution, Flagger Ahead”, and “Caution Steel Plate On Roadway”.   These are athletic shoes, I am not the only female who uses sensible shoes.  A female Chief Exec - that sounds like a good idea.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

phonephoto with digital changes "bus at the stop"

phonephoto with digital changes "bus at the stop" - effects are interesting to me...