Saturday, February 26, 2011

A favorite Children's Book with illustrations by Hetty Burlingame Beatty, one I had out through interlibrary loan at one time and found there might be some story difficulties. Still, the illustrations are beautiful. Little Owl Indian.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

At The Winter Market

At the winter market, along with apples, potatoes, an onion and hazlenuts (I was given extra hazlenutes this time) I decided on eggs from Little Earthe Farm. Real eggs from a farm.

As a vegetarian, for awhile now I have not been vegan, but have used eggs. The eggs I get are marked to be free-range and vegetarian-fed.

A little gray and slightly windy which makes February at the Winter Market feel slightly grim. But hooray for the Winter Market!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lunch Break at the Urban University Forum

At the Urban University Forum on Thursday we met in two rooms, one set up for chairs and one set up for meals. In the room with the meals were the Urban Studies student projects listed in our program as a symposium.

One student project was about a neighborhood above UW Tacoma. Before World War Two, there was a Japantown there. Briefly mentioned was that the Japanese produce market there was the first public market in Tacoma. I had not known it was the first. There are to be discussions as the university enters a phase of development farther uphill around Market Street and Fawcett. Discussion should include representation of immigrant groups.

I became a vegetarian in 1987. I had notified organizers by email that I wanted vegetarian. With a cookie and chips and fruit inside my box was a large sandwich with a large dark mushroom. I ate half the sandwich and saved the other half and the mushroom. Friday morning I toasted the bread and used the mushroom in this recipe which is slightly adapted from Gittleman's Super Nutrition for Menopause:


3 cups rolled oats

12 cups water

3 cups vegetables

4 tablespoons miso

Simmer the first three ingredients until it is all hot and softened. Add miso and blend thoroughly in a blender. Usually I divide the recipe by ten.

Maybe somewhere there is some record of the routes, but along the Tacoma Waterfront produce wagons carried produce to customers. My grandmother would walk down the hill to the road near Old Town where the Japanese vegetable man had arrived to sell produce.

So the Japanese vegetable market extended all along the waterfront and probably into other neighborhoods. And along the Old Town waterfront have been restaurants. In a walk in Old Town recently I came across a monument to an Old Town waterfront restaurant, Top of the Ocean.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Urban University Forum

Today I attended the Urban University Forum at University of Washington Tacoma Branch. Afterwards I took the bus to the main library where I described a little of the material from the Forum – Partnerships. It seems the Pacific Northwest Room could form a Partnership with groups in the city to Intentionally address the project of digitalizing older media.

The Roundtables and Panels were: Economic and Social Impacts of Urban Universities, University as Developer, and University as Community Partner. I was interested to hear Cheryl Jones, Executive Director of Allen Renaissance, express a particular concern about how development affects people.

There are projects large and small. There are different proportions to all of these projects, and –

To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour. - William Blake

Linda Ishem, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies, ended the day-long event with the information that the U of Washington Tacoma Branch intends to have community discussion groups about Partnerships.

The Keynote Address by Wim Wiewel , President of Portland State University, featured discussion about the Urban University system – The Coalition of Urban Serving Universities. Wim Wiewel also spoke about Portland State University.