Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Drums

To return to a Valentine Post from 2010 - yes, eight years ago - a school paper picture of the drum set my Uncle Gilbert owned when I was young.  Great to use the drum sticks on the drum set in the rec room at a family holiday. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

On 9th Street, I Heard a Crunch

At the 9th Street crosswalk above Tacoma Avenue I was about to start across when I heard a crunch so I stepped back.  I had noticed a dark and large car-truck stop for me just in front of the crosswalk.  I would have witnessed the accident, but the crunch came from the other side of this dark large car-truck.  I guessed the silver car had hit the back of the dark car. 

The truck continued down 9th and the silver car turned to park on G.  The driver got out and I asked if she was okay.  She said she was.  I did not want to leave, I truly wondered how a startling traffic collision could have left her feeling. 

The truck came back.  They both took photos and decided she was right, it was her fault.  Probably she was following too close, but I did not see the silver car following too close before this happened.   I watched them until they left, I wondered if I had witnessed this. 

I have never owned a car, I use public transit, I have used a bike for over twenty-five years, I walk.   I do not often witness a crunch like this.  They both seemed to think it was good that no one was hurt and it did not seem like serious damage.