Thursday, August 30, 2007


We work for the money we save when we bypass a convenience. Work matters, earned money is heartily deserved. In Poor Richard's Almanac, a penny saved is a penny earned. Franklin should not be warning us about a peril, Franklin should be reminding us that our thrift has an added quality of merit. Probably there is more - work is supposed to remind us of how important it can be to not waste our resources. Today I found a penny.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Build A Bench Out Of Slats

Idéer för vardagsrummet
From Husmodern 1971
Fyrkantstav 70 x 70
10 st 150 mm.
Bräder 70 x 28
2 st. 2500 mm,
Ribbor 70 x 22
med två rundade
kanter 30 st. 800 mm.
Lim. Sprik eller skruv

Placera ut benen (5 st påvar sidar),
limma och spika
fast bräderna på benen.
Limma och spika fast ribborna
med jämna mellan rum
och låt dem sticka ut
ca 5 cm på var sida.

Material pris ca 95 m

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sometimes there are reasons to visit Project Runeberg.

It is a Big Project

Around the park are several churches. At one busy street are two white lions. The claw was sorting big pieces of sidewalk from the park Rose Garden yesterday while two people dug out some of the rose bushes with spades and put them in the back of a pick up truck parked inside the chain link fence. Today more of the rose bushes lay on their sides on the other side of the fence, and chain saws cut trees the big project is removing into pieces on the sides of the empty pond. It rained this morning, some of the rainwater was part of what they were pumping out just then. They will be working on this until early next year. With this project over sixty new trees and shrubs will be planted to renew the pond.

Friday, August 17, 2007

white lions, blue truck

The week after Ethnic Fest on the last weekend of July, the park department put up chain link fence. At the pond, thick white gravel over the grass makes a driveway for their trucks.
I got a newsletter mailing about the Thanksgiving Bird Count. (What about November?)Until August15, gardeners watch for hummingbird nests when they prune.
Today a blue Mack truck drove past and reappeared by the yellow claw at the lions. The yellow claw had stopped with a large square piece of hedge. It rotated the claw around and dropped the piece in the truck back. The claw driver kept picking up hedge pieces close to the white lion, it seemed he could tell there was no danger. When the claw rotated all the way around, rotated the last hedge piece back around past the lions, dropped the piece into the truck back, lowered the claw back down, just for a moment it touched the lion's pedestal.
Some people, myself included, had mentioned the hedge during public meetings. Long ago as a child I saw the complication at the edge of our gravel street, which without any cement curb became a parking. Language existed. It exists when we try to protect a park from intrusion. The hedge had formed a physical, non-verbal definition of the word park - enclosure.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

mjuka kokoskakor

Still thoughts of Husmodern. Here is 16 Augusti, 1971, a line drawing of a lady, each hand clasping a side of the cover of an interesting box. It turns out (with a dictionary) that if you want to keep your coconut cookies moist, you can tape a bit of skumplast (foamplastic) on to the top of the cookie tin. You moisten this with water. The coconut cookies stay moist.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Now I have fluorescent tube lighting with more natural color range.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

fluorescent tube light upgrade in process

Soon my kitchen will have daylight fluorescent tube lights replacing econolights. A library book explained how to remove the burned out tubes. My standing as a handy-person begins to rival those park re-creators who saved the park footbridge last December. Photo. There is a sense of purpose and meaning that exceeds my reality.