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Diary of Choir Tour to Finland 1930 - Picture

After the Choir Tour to Finland in 1930, Linnea Gord transcribed her diary on the typewriter.  This small handwritten diary is shown with the cloth cover of the transcribed diary.  Earlier in the year it was a happy experience for me to include entries from the diary that describe the concerts the choir gave in Finland.

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Husmodern #52, 1938 - Julius Wellhagen's Everyday Cure of Souls, with illustrations

Julius Wellhagen: I can not give you the old recipe : to be still, to dream by candlelight , to rest yourself , etc. The now pulls an all the power .

The Husmodern Subscription I have was in part a gift to my mother from her Aunt, Faster Emilie, the gift began at the start of 1937 and ended two issues in to 1939.  (Another subscription began in the late 1940s.) Included is an article about the visit to the United States by Kyrkoherde Wellhagen and a return to Julius Wellhagen in their last 1938 number.  Then the magazine begins a series of meditations by him.  Below I include the translation by Google of his December article. 
Husmodern (The housewife) , no. 52 1938 Page 31
" Only the religious man is modern ," says Reverend Wellhagen
Everyday pastoral care becomes the subject of a series of articles , written specifically for the housewife of the vicar , theol Lic . Julius Welhagen Överum . Already in his introduction below to get a firm, safeguarding the feeling that behind Erden is a man who speaks and thinks independently of dogma, a Christian man who has a deep and extensive theological and social knowledge unites modern , practical outlook on life. The teachings he represents and the help he offers is aimed at everyday people, like Jesus' own preaching did. That there is a deep need of just this kind of religious illumination of the everyday problems of life do we have long ago received evidence on the amount of letters to the editor from weary , doubting , anxiously inquiring people , who in their vicinity miss someone to turn to
( new column )
or perhaps not be able to confide in directly to a human. For them - and for us all to crave something tangible for the soul while we strive in our borgertliga nutrition - should this new title in Husmodern in 1939 to be of inestimable value . And with that , we leave the floor to the vicar Wellhagen , who call this his first article for
We need to speak out with one another.
When I wanna talk about high matters and deep questions , I call the reader non fellow Christian , non sister , non jordevandrerska but in short, you .
I myself am a priest. But do not think of my name. It is my intent and my words shall speak to you. I am not the town priest , or the opposite , non- fashion preacher for the day or a särgångare , non- high-church or lågkyrklig , neither one or the other group one . I am simply a Christian without AFFECTATION and manners . But I 'll say this , I want to give you something of the spiritual security , some are UTI concepts äktkriset and äktsvenskt .
I suppose you sometimes found Christianity heavy, hard to understand , incomprehensible. Just like myself. A book of self- testimony of Moses and Jeremiah over Paul. Augustinius , Luther , and Soderblom would convince you of religion stumbling blocks. During my student years at the University , I had incomprehensibly difficult to be edified by what priests , professors and preachers preach . They were good men all of them, but actually I do not remember more of what made an impression on me
( new column )
than I could nedtckna (down cover?) at quarter past one sheet - a spiritually white leaves by sphagnum time? By no means . A thousand times no means .
I felt that life path went right through my life , straight ignenom those of a critical student rather gray söndagardna , right through the ancient wisdom saturated cathedral. And what was! The road did about everything : little things turned into context , coincidences of life lines, discouragement to joy and happiness to deep and salutary woe, threw away discarded burden on the heart , and put on new ones. And what was the Strangest of all: they were carried away by such a man was , forward, upward . One day was not like the other. Christianity was a miracle of a small poor human lives. Since then I've learned to understand two things. One : only the modern man can be religious and only the religious man 's mother. The second : I have to dedicate so much of Christianity, that my spirit can give, but no more , if I may be lucky in that I thus owns.
I can not give you the old recipe : to be still, to dream by candlelight , to rest yourself , etc. The now pulls an all the power . Home , associations, tasks and professions from spawning to special interests pushing förvärsarbete require Dig. You are no longer the quiet schalettgumman but set to struggle burning and grim earnest. It is impossible to rule world escape. And it would be a little religious to deny you the lovely parcel to tighten             ( Cont. a page . 48. )
forces , fight, work , operate the trowel in the world , faith, hope , burn.
But your world is often gray , monotonous, kompliderad . You need help. For weary mothers have we rest home . For worn souls needful something , but it is allowed to be effective , practical, reaching down to you, where you walk and stand . I do not think you come to church or meeting house in the first blow . Nor are you particularly helped with that someone forced you Christianity.
Backwardness and were yourself ! Clear up that thing with your inner world !
You are interested , doubting , wondering in religious matters . Well, always something .
Outside my window shoot twelve rose stalls out roundel . One of them sends out final rose even in December. You agree well with me that it'll be the rose circle and not a blast cluttered potato . Right now as I type gleams evening star forward of the mountains. The gaze is drawn there, I do not know why.
You do not subscribe to all that the Bible says , rebelling against much of the Doctrine of the Faith . To say nothing of deeper things such as the concepts of sin , forgiveness, and the like. 
 Quite right ! Great theologians have had to stop at several points in the Bible , wonder and reverence go by. What mankind bold mountaineers in the spiritual discovery the world has not been able , let us everyday people resolutely let be.
You can find Christian guardians be imperfect , maybe something worse .
Quite right !
Ock though: by all the contradictions and objections approach to my everyday life , my soul wants to be herself , a wonderful power. It is Christianity itself , expressed in everyday problems , illuminating and explaining the often complicated present. We understand better ourselves, we first Christianity and unremarkable life better , about our everyday problems begin to be cleared up .
There are everyday problems that we openly and honestly talk about school . Julius Wellhagen

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Closet Organizer Illustrated

It was in November that I visited the lumber yard. I stayed inside the quiet, warm office while the lumber yard worker did all the sawing for my closet organizer project. It was only a little more expensive than the imported boxed set. I brought it back to the building where I live on my luggage wheels on the bus, later in the evening I screwed it together. It seemed to wobble until I got the top board screwed on. I used the bungee cord from the luggage wheels to control the wobble while I screwed the top board on. So now there is a closet organizer, and it really does not wobble.

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Work At The Park, and At The Restoration Project

Some branches hauled together near the park entrance, green and brown leaves and ruined ferns, shape into a dragon that lies there, it may have swallowed a compact car.  Edges of the pond have a fine coat of ice.  There is a lot of sun.  The foundation for the new library can be seen at the school restoration project, which replaces the past kitchen-lunchroom-auditorium.  Although there is sun, it is supposed to get even colder than today, and although the work goes on well, it must be cold to work. 

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1938 Newspaper Article, Lancastria Arrives at Helsingfors - Part Two

Gilbert Gord, Suomi Band Drummer
Upper Right

Seventeen years as teacher-
among the Native-Born in Alaska

It would be that 17 years teaching among the Native-Born in Alaska would be an achievement for which not all women had time. Mrs. Alma Ander -

New column

sen, Latest from Liljendal allows for an introduction and there it is understandable that with genuine interest we pray her to tell me something about life up there in the much debated gold-digger society.

- The whole thing is really not that remarkable, says wife Andersen in her  undemanding manner . It was in July 1921 my husband who was a Dane , and I drove up to Alaksa , where my husband would be the teacher in one of the ambulatory government schools . Only a few months after, he died one and what was more natural one that I – I was recruited because I had been at his side. Thus it came to be that I was the teacher in Alaska and there I have since stayed .

- The conditions up there are still very Primitive . But perhaps therefor, for the yearly there is much to do to bring the country to civilization and culture, and the work of highly interesting. The children we teach do not understand English when they come to school . Gradually we try to implant in them the knowledge of this language, but we work likewise for the school the mother otngue by teaching them to think in both languages. Eskimo children are very teachable and seek to avail themselves under observation. A particular characteristic is their artistic talents, in particular their interest in vocals and music.
 - I can add it is now thirty-two years ago that I emigrated to America and throughout this long  time I have not visited the home country. There is of course a mighty distance from Alaska and I have now traveled approximately half the globe around during this trip. Finland never forgets about amerikan-finlanders not matter how long we have stayed in the big country to the west . All summer I dreamed I woucl again hear the cuckoo and the lark . You can understand with what joy I see that my will be met. I will stay in Finland for one year and then I steer again to Alaska and my Eskimo children there.

Style Load balance business
life in america

Board the Lancastria encounter we hubs pa leader for the Finland- Swedish farddeltagarna Mr. . Alexander Koll. Mr . Track if you were born in Pietarsaari , but emigrated already for 35 s back and since then has not been in Finland . Over the past thirty successor , he has been a resident of Washington, where he engaged in business .

- Businesslife in America presently is characterized as stagnant , says Mr. Koll. It can not claim to be oiled  the surge, the steering wheel, the latest release after the recession, stalled.  It is hard to say why this is, perhaps you could say that we have to do with a suite of depression and that it requires

(New column)

a time of peace for the upswing again to be continued . For a part we can mention the numerous
strikes , which come after each other one after the other, to make a team uncertain.

- Finland Svenks  take to ordinary choices in America . Maybe no great fortunes , but nobody falls either on society . During the worst depression I worked in an organization, which handled relief activities , but not in an output case, I remembered that a Finland- Swedish emigrant would have had to ask for help.

Below, the Swedish of the Article.
Många amerikafinländare
med första båten
Goda affärer tillåta
hemresa med egen
bil på däck
Glada och förväntansfyllda anlände i går de första amerikafinländarna på den obligatariska semesterresan till hemlandet.  Det var SS Lancastria, som vid niotiden på aftonen hämtade omkring 400 duktiga landsmän, vilka under strävsamma år sparat ihop till en biljett för färden till Finland.
Många underbara tungomål surrade i luften, när våra medarbetare beträdde Lancastrias däck där oceanjätten låg uti på Kronbergsfjärden - det var inte bara olicka finska och svenska dialekter, utan också denna säregna blandning av hemlandets språk och amerikanskan som man lärt sig därborta.  Och trots att en liten parvels insjuknande i mässling försvårade landstidningsproceduren och skapade en stämning av karantän för några timmar ombord på ångaren, var humöret det bästa.  Man väntade sig ett glatt och hjärtligt återseende med hemlandet, och då kunde några timmar hit eller dit inte betyder någenting.
Där var inte bara allas vår Mr. Bruno Forsberg, som nu i många år fraktat sina landsmän fram och tillbaka över Atlanten, och städse hjälpt rådvilla emigranter tillrätta.  Där syntes också Dr. Rafael Engelberg, som på Suomi Seuras vägnar skötta trivseln ombord.  Man såg också bland de resande konsul Carl H. Salminen, som fungerade såsom en de många gruppernas ledare och vidare Mr. A. Koll, boss för det till ett hundratal uppgående Finlandssvenkarna.  
När alla besvärligheter slutligen voro undanstökade, när de välbärgade emigranternas medhavde bilar firats med på några pråmar och kappsäckarna på några andra, var man färdig att stiga i land.  Två ångslupar skötte trafiken mellan Lancastria och Södra Hamnen och när
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den första lade till vid tulpaviljongen klämde en hornorkester i med "Vårt Land" och  "Stars and Stripes" till de hemvändandes ara.  De många tusen släktingar och vänner, vilka troget väntat sedan femtiden, fingo äntligen hurra och vifta och sluta de forsta kära i sin famn.
Svenskt musikliv vid / Stilla havet
I röksalongen träffa vi  på en snart ung man, välklädd och förekommande.  Han samspråkar livligt med Evert Ekroth, som också farit ut för att hälsa  de hem vändande.  Och vid en presentation framgår det att vi ha professor John Sundsten framför oss, född i Munsala, men seden 1913 bosatt i Staterna. Professorn, som  är pianist, till professionen intar en betydande ställning bland sina landsmän därborta; varja år ar han förstå dirigent på de stora finlandsvenska sångfester, som Runebergsorden brukar anordna vid vid stilla havskusten. 
-An så länge äro vorer körer sinnerligen livaktiga och omhulda den svenska sången med stort intresse, berätter han.  Vid vart senaste "meeting" hade över 400 sängare mött upp, men jag är rädd för att den siffran kommer att sjunka avsevärt.  Det är namligen så, att åter
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växten är väldig klen inom dessa körer.  De, vilka kommit ut från Finland deltaga nog gärna i detta arbeta, men ungdomen vilken ofta vuxit opp därborta, har andra intressen, och har också helt naturligt fjärmats från sitt gamla mödersmål.  Jag vill inte vara pessimistisk, men det kan handa att vi måste inskranka oss belydligt redan efter fem år eller så, säger han.
-Och ni själv?
-Jag arbetar i Seattle som musiklärare, och har under detta arbete kommit i ganska livlig kontakt med minna landsmän i Amerika.  Det är beundransvärt att se huru föräldrarna arbeta och försaka  för att ungdomen skall kunna få den bästa tänkbara uppfostran.  Följden är ocksa den, att medan de flesta, vilka tillhora en äldre generation, stå ganska främmande för intellektuella sisselsättningar, de yngre i allmänhet gått genom nagot college och förvärvat sig en ofta ganska imponerande boklig bildning.  Salunda göra också vi ett blygsamt kulturarbete i svenskhetens tjänst.
Munter odlare / av tranbär
Mister Albin Jansson heter en munter och tandlös gammal gubbe, som ocksa ar ombörd.  Ocksa hustrun hans ar med
new columm
Det ar 28 år sedan Mr. Jansson var har senast, och 45 år sedan han for till det förlovade landet, och nu har den fina tranbörsodlingen i Massachusetts gatt så bra, att han kunna kosta pa sig en resa hem.
- Men det blir bara på några månader, sager Mr. Jansson och grinar belåtet då hans blick svepar över stadens silhuett i i solnedgången.  Jag hinner tyvarr inte stanna langre i min hem bygd Kivijarvi, you know this famous place, yes?  Ty sen ska jag resa tillbaka för att sköta om mina tranbar nar sasongen börjar igen.  Om det ar lönande?  Oh, yes, skriv upp det reportern, skriv upp det.  Gubben Jansson har sysslat med det i 45 år och had 10 fullvuxna barn i Amerika och ingen vet huru manga barnbarn.  Hustru min hon var ocksa har forra aret, men jag hade inte tid den gangen.  Och nu ska jag i vag  med forsta lagenhet till hembygden.
Sjutton ar som lara-
rinna bland ifodin-
garna i Alaska
Att under 17 års tid ha verkat som lararinna bland infödingarna i Alaska torde vara en prestation, som icke alla kvinnor hunnit med.  Fru Alma Ander-
new column
sen från Liljendal kan emellertid sta för en presentation och det ar forståeligt att det ar med verkligt intresse vi bedje henne beratta något, om livet daruppe i det mångomtalade guldgravarsamhallet.  
-Det hela ar verkligen icke så markligt, sager fru Andersen pa sitt anspråkslösa satt. Det var i juli 1921 min man som var dansk, och jag drog upp till Alaksa, där min man skulle bli larare i en av  de ambularade guvernamentsskolarna.  Endast några månader efter dog han en och vad var naturligare än att jag -- mig det var värv han hade haft för ansikt att handhava.  Sålunda kom det såg att jag blev lararinna i Alaska och dar har jag sedan dess stannat.
- Forhållandena daruppe aro fortfarande mycket Primitiva.  Men kanske just harfor, for att det annu finnes så oerhort mycket att gora dar for att bringa landet till civilisation och kultur, ar arbetet i hogsta grad intressant. De barn vi undervisa forstå icke engelska då de komma till skolan.  Smaningom forsoka vi hos dem implanta kunskap i detta språk, men vi strava tillika till att de skola bevara sitt modersmal genom att lara dem tanka på badå spraken.  Eskomabarnen aro mycket laraktiga och bemoda sig om att tillgodogora sig undersvisningen.  En marklig egenskap ar deras konstnarliga anlag, sarsilt deras intresse for sang och musik.
 - Sedan ar det bara att tillagga att det nu ar trettiotva ar sedan jag emigrerade till Amerika och under hela denna langa tid har jag icke besokt hemlandet.  Det ar ju en valdig vag fran Alaska och jag har nu rest ungefar halva jordklotet runt under denna resa.  Finland glomma vi amerikafinlandare aldrig, huru lange vi an akulle vistats i det stora landet i vaster.  Alla somrar har jag dromt om att an en gang fa hora goken och larkan.  Ni kan forsta med vilken gladje jag ser att mina drommar nu bli uppfyllda.  Jag kommer att stanna i Finland att ar och sedan styr jag igen kosan till Alaska och mina eskimabarn dar.
Stillastående affars-
liv i amerika
 Ombord på Lancastria stota vi aven pa ledaren for den finlandsvenska farddeltagarna Mr. Alexander Koll.  Mr. Koll ar fodd i Jakobstad, men utvandrade redan for 35 år tillbaka och har sedan dess icke varit I Finland.  Under de senaste trettio åren har han varit bosatt i Washington, dar han idkat affarsverksamhet.
-Affärslivet i Amerika utmärkes for närvarande av stillastaende, sager Mr. Koll.  Det kan icke fordoljas, att det uppsving, som ratt de senaste åren efter depressionen, avstannat.  Det år svårt att säga varpå detta kan bero; kanske kunde man säga att vi här ha att gora med en svit av depressionen och att det fordras
new column
en tid av lugn for att uppsvinget igen skalll kunna fortsatta.  Till en del blidraga de talrika 
strejkerna, som atlösa varandra den ena efter den andra, att gora laget osakert.   
-Finlandsvenksarna sla sig i allmanshet val ut i Amerika.  Fa na stora formogenheter, men ingen faller heller samhallet till last.  Under den varsta depressionen arbetade jag sjalv med i den organisation, som omhanderhade hjalpverksamheten, men icke i ett ende fall kommer jag ihag att en finlandsvensk emigrant skulle ha behovt anhalla om hjalp.

1938 Newspaper Article - Lancastria Lands at Helsingfors

This 1938 Newspaper Article features the arrival of the Lancastria at Helsingfors.  Among those on the first barge to leave the ship was Gilbert Gord, who had served as the drummer in the Swedish Music Band, the Suomi Band, which was the Gord Orchestra in Tacoma during the 1930s...  (Continued in nearby blog entry, along with the Swedish from the article...)
Many Americans Finns
Good business permit
repatriation by private
Car tires

Cheer and anticipation filled the arrival yesterday of the first American Finns in the obligatory holiday trip to the homeland . At the S.S. Lancastria, at nine o'clock in the evening gathered around 400 talented compatriots, who during strenuous years saved up for a ticket for the trip to Finland.

Many wonderful tongues buzzed in the air, when our people trod Lancastrias deck where the ocean giant was low out on Kronobergsfjarden - it was not just unlike Finnish and Swedish dialects , but also this peculiar mixture of home-country language and the American language which has been learned over there. And though a small boy’s onset of measles complicated national newspaper procedure and created a mood of quarantine for a few hours on board the steamer, the mood was the best . Expected was a joyous and heartfelt reunion with the homeland, and then a few hours here or there does could not mean anything.

There was  Mr. Bruno Forsberg , who for  many years has transported compatriots back and forth across the Atlantic, and ever helped perplexed emigrants get settled. There also appeared Dr . Rafael Engelberg, who in Suomi Seuras behalf tended comfort onboard. Also among the travelers was Consul Carl H. Salminen , who worked as a the many community leaders and further Mr.  A. Koll, chief of the one hundred or amounting to that Finland Swedish Group Members. .

When all troubles were finally bustled away, when the wealthy emigrants with cars celebrated with a few barges and with suitcases on a few others, were you ready to disembark . Two steam launches operated the traffic between Lancastria and South Harbour and when

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The first barge landed at the toll pavillion  there played a brass band " Our Country " and " Stars and Stripes " to those returning home. The many thousands of relatives and friends who had faithfully waited since five o'clock , finally cheered and waved and stopped the first ones in their arms .

Swedish music scene at / Pacific

In the smoker's lounge we meet on a nice-loooking young man, well dressed.. He is talking brightly with Evert Ekroth , also there to greet the home-returning.  And with an introduction, it appears that we have Professor John Sundesten in front of us, born in Munsala , but since 1913 has lived in the States. The professor, who is a pianist  by profession occupies a significant position among his countrymen over there. He is a conductor of the great Finnish Swedish song festivals , which Runebergs Order organizes at the Pacific coast.

-And the choirs are certainly lively and cherish the Swedish song with great interest, he relates.  At a  recent " meeting" over 400 singers turned up , but I 'm afraid that number will drop significantly. The fact is , to trans-

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plant the music is mighty weak in these choirs. Those who come out from Finland to attend probably are happy in this work , but the youth which often grows up over there, have other interests, and also are quite naturally alienated from the old mother tongue. I do not want to be pessimistic , but it can happen that we will have to limit ourselves after only five years or so , he says.

- What about you ?
I work in Seattle as a music teacher , and during this work come in quite lively contact with my countrymen in America. It is admirable to see how the parents work and sacrifice for the youth to be able to get the best possible upbringing. The result also means the that while the majority of the older generation stand quite foreign to intellectual subsidence, the younger generally go through some college and acquired an often quite impressive book learning . Thus do we too a modest cultural work in Swedish service.
Happy growers / of cranberries

Mister Albin Jansson calls himself a happy and toothless old man who, too, is on board . Also his wife 's with.

(New columm)

It 's been 28 years since Mr. Jansson was here last, and 45 years ago he went to the promised land , and now the cranberry cultivation in Massachusetts has gone so well that he could be sold on a trip home .

- But it will be only a few month , says Mr. Jansson, and grins contentedly as his gaze sweeps the city skyline at sunset. I have little time unfortunately to stay longer in my home district Kivijärvi , you know this famous place, yes ? Because then I'll travel back to care for my cranberries when the season starts again. Is it profitable ? Oh, yes, write that down reporter, write it up. Old man Jansson has been doing it for 45 years and had 10 adult children in America and no one knows how many grandchildren. My wife she was here last year , too , but I had no time then. And now I'm in on the road with splendor to the home district .
(Continued in nearby blog entry, along with the Swedish from the article...)