Friday, September 25, 2015

An Earlier Facebook Post for A Political Situation

My time in Tacoma has not included more information about the Prosecutor and the recent effort for recall than what appears in the News Tribune or on the Internet. But the recent editorial by Peterson at the Tribune only impresses me to believe that the Prosecutor takes meticulous care about reaching people's important news source when print media has ongoing experiences with change. Tribune Carriers are not employees of the paper, this new ruling can have yet another effect on how the News Tribune experiences everything.

Came Across a High School Yearbook

Earlier this week I came across a high school yearbook - outside.  It was getting dark.  A couple days later, doing research to try to find the owner, the Pacific Northwest Room helped me.  They are the Tacoma Public Schools depository.  So I was able to leave this book with them.  Problem Solved.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thoughts About 2001 Fourteen Years Later

draft horses 2015
Fourteen years ago I went to a job I had at the fair, the crowd was thin, at the concessions booth they told me I would not be needed that day, to go back the following day. I had a drawing book with and drew in the corn roaster, the counter, the little radio, which was explaining about how blood transfusions would be necessary, I gradually separated from the drawing and went over to the counter. They explained to me. At that time I was delivering papers, I delivered the paper the following day. And then went back to the fair to see the Governor Gary Loch speak at the grandstand. Then I went to the concessions stand to work.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Etched Poem

At Point Defiance Park yesterday I found one or two of the etched poems from twenty years ago were no longer legible.  I knew how one by Joanne McCarthy read.  (Joanne McCarthy taught poetry at Tacoma Community College for years.  When I was an adjunct in the mid-eighties I replaced her for six months when she was on sabbatical.  That was exciting.)  I include my interpretation of her poem here. 

in winter darkness
the foghorns blow, sad cattle
lost on strange prairie
Joanne McCarthy

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Semantic Memory, Episodic Memory, and Proprioception

Semantic Memory, Episodic Memory, and Proprioception

Memory of facts or events are two kinds of explicit memory, memory of facts is called semantic memory and memory of events is called episodic memory. (According to the internet) School made the effort to teach semantic memory – the example is “What is the capital of France?”  Episodic memory, an embarrassing thing you said in French Club, fills out in vivid detail from visual and other sensual memories. 
Remaining overhang
From the southwestern-most corner of Wilson High School’s buildings progress gains altitude along the promontory that is Tacoma, along the terrain created by Glacial Geological formation, towards the southwest to Tacoma Community College, where  it has a view of Mount Tahoma.  Wilson’s breezeway was actually not created by glaciers, but probably was designed when many futuristic buildings were designed.  These featured natural colors and materials and natural shapes.

Two different memories of facts stay in my thoughts.  Without any episodic memory of what method Wilson High School used to present electives to the students and without any episodic memory of exactly how it happened, I still know others said Junior Philosophy was a really great class to take.  Three years after, back home for the summer after a year of college, I still know I learned our teacher of Philosophy had gone on to Tacoma Community College.  So, with TCC at its fiftieth anniversary in 2015, in 1968 it was already hindsight that my first encounter with TCC happened in 1965 with Junior Philosophy.  The philosophy teacher, Mr. Edrington,  taught a great class at TCC for many years.

Then there is another memory of fact.  When we were students, they told us this would happen.
Torn-down Breezeway
Was it the last time or the time before that, not many days ago, as the bus passed Wilson High School, a necessarily adult person was walking along the breezeway from the Philosophy/History Hall.  I thought it might be the principal or a faculty member.  Today the breezeway had been torn down.  I got off to take a couple of snapshots. 
Then I walked about five blocks to catch a bus.  Surely proprioception, the consciousness of where one is in space, is related to short-term memory.  At the stop I kept feeling a difficulty with proprioception.  That I was still at the corner where the school in the photographs I was viewing on the cell phone should have been behind me.   
Wilson Philosophy/History Hall

Friday, September 4, 2015

April 13, 1935, A Great Episode from Out Our Way

At the library scanner I have prepared the April 13, 1935 Out Our Way to include in Spice Drawer Mouse.  It is surely in the public domain, at eighty years past.  What a great piece this one is.  I referred to it in July, where I included the dialogue. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

After the Saturday Storm, Cool With Rain

Park chipper at Wright's Park
According to the radio the storm on Saturday was the worst since the hurricane-level Columbus Day Storm in 1962.   On Friday at Pierce County Library I noticed an email from Friends of The Tacoma Public Library Initiative – go to the Main Library back door for the August Saturday Morning Meeting.  In front of the County City Building I thought the usual wind effect would knock me over and wondered if the Friends had their information right, for the library was still closed for the two week installation of the new system.  At the library I did not know where a back door would be.   

Someone else got there, and I followed in.  We were inside the closed library, however the library manager greeted us, she knew we would have the Saturday Morning Meeting.  Some discussion led the library director, who was present, along with another library specialist, to suggest we have not only a recording secretary, but a social media secretary.  Change always immediate.  The Friends of the Tacoma Public Library Initiative hope more devoted library users will join. 

On the way back I got caught in the rain, only a little.  I went to Church on Sunday, then helped my cousin pick plums, then took the bus to a Pierce County Library.  On Monday Metro Parks brought the park chipper to Wright's Park to do some larger branches.  And the weather continues cool and rainy as September begins, after a summer that was very warm.