Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ginni and the Doll Museum Remodel - A Sad Day

Ginni costumed quickly on the upper floor of the doll museum.   The building felt quiet that morning, but Ginni only wondered if she was not on time.  But in the main hallway the Sailor Doll from the Lancastria and a Mary Ann Storybook Doll waited outside the closed entrance doors to their section of the Displays.  “Ginni, this announcement notice says the huge renovation as started,” said the Sailor Doll.

Over so many months the residents of the doll museum apartments, mostly employees of the doll museum, had forayed into packed closets, looked to the farthest hard to reach back areas of high cupboard shelves, swept dust from tops of tall bookcases.  Ginni had boxed and unboxed, packed and unpacked.  The previous week she had remembered another remote closet she had not put on her list.  The three of them, Sailor Doll, Mary Ann Storybook Doll, and herself, Ginni, Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring, gazed at the announcement notice.   

“It has been twenty-one months,”  the Sailor Boy commented.  Ginni gasped.  “It says, today they will cut down the trees.  Shadow!  Shadow! He was just with me, up in costuming.”   Shadow came ambling down the stairs at the end of the hall.

Across the lawn of the doll museum hurried Ginni, Shadow hurried beside. She had not stopped responsibly to change back into her everyday clothes.  At the apartments they saw it was true.  The trees at the doll museum apartments had been cut.  Before Ginni the Christmas Tree she usually decorated with a few popcorn chains for the birds was cut down and on its side on the ground. 

The vast remodeling project had truly begun.  It was a sad day at the doll museum, the day the trees were cut for the project.  Although the doll museum workers could look ahead to more aspects of the project, that there would be a new weather vane upon the higher point of the old stable, that there would be new flower beds for the garden gnomes,  the old trees were now cut and gone, and so they were sad.