Monday, January 31, 2011

I Voted on Save Our Buses and These Are Thoughts

2011 is years after nearby transit vanished in some areas – in another area I saw a transit line vanish in the 1990's because of low ridership. Other opinions than mine about Save Our Busses appear in the newspaper. One is that Pierce Transit does not serve some farther-out parts of Pierce County. My observation has been in areas where the bus service vanishes it is because the people who live there did not use the bus. When some people could have taken the bus for many trips in an urban sprawl situation, they did not ride the bus.

Which happened first? Did people not have public transit, or did they have transit they never used and so lost because of the car-dependency habit?

Car-dependency is often a habit. But it is also a disservice to others because many people in one's area can really need to use public transit to practice thrift, and a steady car-dependency in a neighborhood teaches by example.

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