Saturday, April 11, 2009

Draft Horse Plow

Today last Saturday's postponed Draft Horse Plow went ahead with spirit. Last Saturday the ground had too much muck, during the week it was clear, so although it rained yesterday and in the early morning, the condition of the ground today was good. Two teams of three horse, two teams of two horses, and one single hitch plowed. Two drivers walked and three drivers used riding plows. The single hitch horse was dapple gray with a braided white forelock.

At the Emergency Food Network's Mother Earth Farm was a camera person from TV Tacoma, Channel 22 and other people with cameras.

The morning was cool but nice, after the morning session a lot of the ground was plowed and everyone stopped to rest.

My bike ride back along the trail included another glimpse of a field of rhubarb - a local produce product, a reminder of the Tacoma Reads Together selection that relates to the Draft Horse Plow.

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