Friday, January 23, 2015

Arnold Koutonen and Orchestra

Perhaps Arnold Koutonen thought Blanche Johnson and Linnea Gord were talking about a different weekend.  His presence as their spelman was greatly missed.  Perhaps word did arrive at a later point about why he was not at the concert.  According to the internet, Arnold Koutonen returned on Frederick VIII and arrived at New York on October 12, 1930.  Other choir members Amelia Hendrickson and William and Anna Wias were also on board. 

Linnea Gord had letters from her friends in the Runeberg Choir who had not gone along on the tour to Finland.  And after she had been home for awhile, they organized a reunion.  They called themselves, "The Gang", and had a lot of fun during Songfests and Conventions.  In May 1931, during their reunion, in Olympia, Washington, they danced at the Eagles Hall to the music of Arnold.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

July 12th, 1930 Concert With Blanche Johnson, Choir Tour Soloist

SATURDAY, JULY 12th, 1930 - Vörå             Had coffee in bed this morning.  SOME CLASS!
Blanche went to Vasa today, so I had to amuse myself with various things.  I played with the children, went picking flowers, chasing butterflies, and I also practiced all by myself.
Concert at Koskeby
The concert that evening was scheduled to start at eight o'clock, but it was right in the haying season, and nobody came until about 8:30 or 9.  We started the program at 10 o'clock.  Inasmuch as Arnold didn't come, I had to play two piano solos.  Blanche and I each had a beautiful corsage which she had gotten in Vasa.  Gee!  But they were pretty.  After the program we also had to supply the dance music.  (Darn Arnold!)  It was quite a bit of fun except that the people were too bashful to dance where there were Americans.
On the internet on a site that describes ungdomsforenings in Finland there is this explanation:
Koskeby uf:s hus från 1912 blev den gemensamma samlingslokalen som idag är Vörå uf.
(According to Google Translation:  Koskeby UF's house from 1912 became the common meeting hall which today is Vörå uf.)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Linnea Gord's Diary, Friday July 11th, 1930 - Vörå Concert With Blanche


Market in Vasa

Got up at 5:20--awfully sleepy--and caught the six o'clock bus to Vasa.   When we got to town and arrived at the market place everyting had a deserted look because it was so early in the morning.  But one by one the wagons came and torget began to fill with booths of all kinds.  It was interesting to watch the wagons come in.

I got to Vörå about 9:45, after a very wonderful ride through parts unknown, and Blanche met me at Vörå Handelscompanie.  We went to her uncle's place where I was to stay.  All we did for a while was eat.  At 11 we had coffee and coffe bread, at one we had frukost and at three we had dinner.  Blanche has three little cousins, Kjerstein, Ingmar and Stig.  They were amusing and I got a great kick out of them.  The girl and the littlest boy didn't seem to mind me, but Ingmar kept saying "Du far gå hem".
That afternoon we practiced at the hall for a while and then came home again to telephone.  Blanche had been telephoning all over the country to try and find Arnold, but he coulnd't be found.  She telephoned to Vasa, Orawais, Munsala and Vörå, but nobody knew where he was or where he had been.  He didn't show up for the concert either. 

Marie Malm's Photographs: " ...She went over to Övermalax yesterday..."

In Övermalax lived a sister of Marie Rosenback.  Marie Malm visited Emelia, and her family.  I captioned their photo at the Malaxbygden Förr  Och Nu Facebook Group: 
Lågas farm

“Marie Malm took this picture of Lågas sisters Emelia and Alina in 1930. I wonder if this was the childhood home of Marie’s mother Johanna Lågas Malm.  Emelia and Alina were daughers of Matt Lågas. Matt Lågas and Johanna Lågas Malm were brother and sister, and Matt Lågas died in California in 1926. Lågas was an unusual name in the United States. Matt Lågas son called himself John Mattson in the United States. John Mattson and Emelia and Alina were brother and sisters, first cousins of Marie Malm. Marie and her sister Amanda left Malax with their mother Johanna in 1896 to live in Tacoma, Washington.”
Lågas sisters Amelia and Alina
and families 1930
Another letter, one written July 7, 1930, from Linnea Gord to her mother in Tacoma, Washington, identifies the day other photos were taken, later labeled on the back, Mother’s cousins in Finland.  These photos were also among photos kept in the red Fraser’s box. 
Yttermalax, Finland / July 7, 1930 
Lågas sisters, other snapshot
Lågas farm
 It has been awfully hot here
for the past weeks, but today it rained pitchforks.  The boys were working like the dickens to get the hay in before it rained.  I think they got most of it.

Auntie just came home. She went over to Övermalax yesterday and she stayed overnight.  Last night when we came home we tiptoed into the bedroom so we wouldn’t wake her, and then she wasn't even there.  All that trouble for nothing.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Marie Malm's Photos: "In Närpes Auntie met Marie Rosenback..."

One day in late July, in the handwritten diary, Linnea Gord wrote that "Auntie went to Närpes".  That trip has more explanation in this letter – (Linnea Gord wrote letters home as well as her diary):

Jeppo, Finland / June 18, 1930
I'm in Jeppo now waiting for everybody to get ready for the concert.
We've seen quite a few relatives now.  In Närpes Auntie met Marie Rosenback (Lågas) at a place where we had coffee.
Rosenback Couple
Among the formal portraits from my mother, Linnea, one is labeled on the back Mother’s cousin Marie in Närpes. 
Photographs of Marie Rosenback and her family at their home are only labeled on the back, mother's cousins in Finland. 
After some study of photos, although some years have passed after the portrait, the young couple in the portrait are the couple who age-progress to Marie Malm's photograph in 1930. They are Marie Rosenback and her husband. 
Rosenback Family 1930
Clues on the Portrait, the photograph, in the diary, and in the letter combine to tie to a Finland genealogy namelist for the names of the people in the photograph.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Fraser's Box Which Contained Photographs

Provenance of a resource is a record that describes entities and processes involved in producing and delivering or otherwise influencing that resource. Provenance provides a critical foundation for assessing authenticity, enabling trust, and allowing reproducibility. Provenance assertions are a form of contextual metadata and can themselves become important records with their own provenance.
(From a website associated with University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute)
Some photographs from my parents’ archives were kept in a red gift box.  Some of these were photographs taken of relatives in Swedish-Finland by grandma's sister Marie in 1930.  Marie died in spring, 1939, she had lived with her parents next door to her sister and had worked at the Sperry Flour Mill test kitchen.  Along with the photos in the red gift box were photos that had belonged to John and Johanna Malm.   They died during the years of World War Two.  Then the photos belonged to my grandmother.  Marie also left a photo album.  My grandmother had these things, I believe my mother brought things to her house  to keep.
Fraser's Box That Contained Photos
I associate the red gift box with the 1950s and the 1960s.  Some nice gifts were given to my grandmother in those years, when I continued to visit with my mother every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon.  Boxes were stored with paper in a cupboard to the left of the kitchen door.  In the later grade school years and in junior high school my grandmother was sometimes in or out of the hospital.  My mother filled out forms for medicare for her or sorted things when we were there.  I believe she also brought letters to her house to keep.

I wonder if a description about the red box is provenance.  My provenance descriptions include this sort of information.  I put the photographs in a closing photo ring binder in archival pages and in a photo album with slide-in pages.  The red box fit a record album, so I stored my mother’s Swedish record albums in the red box.  A while back, the red box became time-worn.  I retained some of the box.  It was something I always called the Fraser’s box. 
As a note, my grandmother worked at a hat shop on Broadway, this was listed in a Tacoma City Directory before she married in 1905.  Fraser’s would have followed in the building when it was started in 1934.  The Fraser’s box at my grandmother’s might have created an emotional thought for her.  On her closet shelf were old hats with plumed feathers.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Google Translation of Previous Post

Idag Elsie och jag körde till Majore på cyklarna. Det var för kallt för att bada, så vi bestämde att fiska. Vi hittade fiskespön och en sked och en liten hink. Vi började skeda upp den torra jorden för att hitta några maskar, men nary en gjorde vi hittar. Slutligen en av Elsie släktingar kom till vår räddning, fick en spade, och tog oss upp till huset där marken var våt, och fina, stora, feta saftiga maskar hittades. Vi gick ombord en galen liten båt och efter vi hade rott ut ett tag bestämde vi oss för att ankra. Förresten, var det blåser ganska lite den dagen. Ankaret var en stor sten bunden med ett rep. Vi började sätta ut ankaret och ker-plunk, halkade den dar ned gamla rock utanför repet och vi inte se den mer. Det blåste ganska lite den dagen och vi hade svårt att ro tillbaka för en annan sten. Men vi var full av ambition, så vi gjorde det. Allt gick bra andra gången, förutom att det blåste ganska lite och båten höll drivande. My! hur upphetsad vi var när vi fångade en fisk ungefär tre inches lång. Det är allt vi fick i en och en halv timme. Vi hade varit drivande ganska lite eftersom det var blåser, så vi beslutat att flytta. Jag började dra upp ankaret. Det var ganska tungt för en stund och sedan helt plötsligt fick mycket ljus. Repet kom upp - det vill säga hälften av repet gjorde - och vi var återigen minus och ankare. Vid den tiden var vi trötta på fiske, så vi kämpade vinden tillbaka till stranden igen. Elsie relativa behandlade oss till några väldigt salt kaffe och sedan åkte vi hem. Vid ankomsten hem, hade vi en bild tagen av oss och fisken, och alla hade en bra tid skrattar åt vår underbara fångst. Gustaf hade lovat att äta någon fisk som vi fick - raw - så vi försökte stoppa ner hans hals. Men ingenting gör.

Vi gick simning ca 7: 3 i floden och vattnet var bra. Kom in!