Thursday, October 20, 2016

Squirrels 2016 and 1993

One of Three Baby Squirrels
In this summer at the tree
Leaf shapes, sun shapes
from above and below.

In the park gutter a brown scrap,
an animal.  Check to see,
I said to no one, check to see,
I said to how its breath rose and fell.

Together five or six gathered,
messaged a photo and called.
Almost four hours. then it regained
consciousness, a baby squirrel.

its back legs could not move.

Bank statements and some drafts
I have shredded.
I found the squirrel I remembered
in a binder of lists of expenses.

And in an appointment book.
And in a diary entry, in 1993:
Two girls in a car called at me that there was an injured animal in the street back at Union.  I went back when I saw their car just went on.

The squirrel was trying to get up.  I got off my bike in the middle of Union but cars went by, over above its head.  It was trying to get up.  I was screaming.  I made a guy help me get the cars to go another way. 

A man from a house brought a rake and tipped the squirrel onto the rake and brought him to the parking.

After it hubbubed down I sat and crouched near while it lay on the grass  & by some evergreen shrub.  Breathing.  I pushed a fly away.

At the vet they said his back was not broken and neither were its legs.  Maybe it had internal injuries or maybe brain damage.

I brought him to my apartment on the bus.  I waited for the bus at the bike shop. I got them to pick up my bike at the vet, and it is there getting a check over and having the brake fixed.

The vet had fed him thin gruel from a dropper, a syringe without a needle.  I found I could not. Olympic Wildlife Rescue phoned.  They said someone would be by.  And I should not try to feed him more. 

I waited.  In the box the squirrel lay breathing.  Now & then he moved some.  A coupld of hours passed. When Olympic Animal Rescue came, he was sitting up in the box.  But it was hard for me to see in there.

To wait for Animal Rescue,
as I waited in 1993 in May
In my apartment on the third floor,
the day was warm,
the apartment was warm and quiet,

and the squirrel sat up in the box.

Near the park gutter in 2016
A United Way worker
another younger fellow
his sister, one arm in a cast

with her boyfriend
all of us gathered
where we waited, lifted
the baby squirrel

over to the tree trunk
nearly four hours
it regained consciousness.
They brought the squirrel

inside my shoebox
to her mother's house.

Look for the mother.
In this summer at the tree.
Leaf shapes, sun shapes
from above and below,

At the scrap there were people
who made cars turn away.
always home all late summer
the squirrel who was
the mother, her way down,
her way up, leaf shapes,
shapes of sun.   All late summer.
All that done, the four had

to go together through
the shapes of leaves,
along the gutter one scrap lay,
her heart that felt.

She and the two then had to descend.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Posted A Cormorants Video at Facebook Today

Is this the second day of autumn 2016?  How only once or twice I managed to take a walk along the waterfront, once from downtown to old town, once out at point defiance.  Today I wish to post a photo changed with effects, of Cormorants - and today I posted a video at Facebook called Cormorants At The Waterfront. 

Cormorants August 2016


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Visits to Neighborhood Council Meetings - North End, New Tacoma

People's Center Room with Mirror
Friends of Tacoma Public Library are clarifying beliefs we have about the priority that should be shown for the library in the city budget.  The city manager visits Neighborhood Councils now, Monday and Wednesday evenings I attended Neighborhood Council Meetings for the North End and the New Tacoma Neighborhood Councils. 

The City Manager, Mr. Broadnax, said libraries would be funded without cuts, and at the North End meeting one of the Friends of Tacoma Public Library did bring up the earlier cuts that have had an effect on library open times and on staff.  At the New Tacoma meeting I mentioned a concern for the Valhalla Hall and the MLK Subarea, where the light rail will arrive in the near future. 

The North End meeting was at Trimble Hall, rather new at University of Puget Sound, the New Tacoma meeting was at People’s Center.  My trip to Trimble Hall began from the Puyallup Station on the 400 Pierce Transit, to the Dome Station, where I transferred to a 13 Pierce Transit and continued to transfer after a supper break in Old Town at the Spar Café.  The water in the sunshine at the dock looked cold at high tide, and a little choppy.  Such a beautiful time to be at the very old café.  The 13 became the 14 at Proctor and continued to UPS. 

Wednesday evening at the People's Center we met in the Board Room, which contains a large mirror.  It is interesting to watch, soon one does realize how important this is to dancers.  I took my bike to People’s Center.  The ride back as it became dusk required a back light, which I had with me.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Family History Object from the Past

Bingo Set 1938
I wish to approach an opportunity for other family members to consider a fact:  we shared family history events:  at a music event we returned to specific music that was important to the family, and at another event we brought high school yearbooks: school always was important. 
We each believe differently about these connections.  We viewed old photos.  I wish to share a view of items we perhaps had not the time to view.  Today I wish to share of glimpse of the Bingo set they brought with them to Finland and Sweden in 1938, a chance to spend time with others while they visited in a pastime.

Hilltop Walking Tour Wednesday - Downtown On The Go

Wednesday I attended the Downtown on the Go Walking Tour of Hilltop in late afternoon weather.  The rain let up after we had walked awhile.  While the walkers gathered I did a 30-second video which included KOMO news people whose report appeared Thursday morning.  I shared my video on Facebook. 

At the Catholic Community Center we could glimpse the new building named for Father William Bichsel.  Father Bichsel had been long a treasure in the community. 

Our stops were People’s Park, the State Armory, Catholic Community Services, The Valhalla Hall (next door to the Clinic), and the People’s Center, where we had a glimpse of the new pool which opens later this month.  The snack at the Center was from the Red Elm Café, which is staged to open this autumn at the Kellogg-Sicker Building at the site the Economy Drug and later Browne’s Star Grill (moved from a downtown location after Urban Renewal). 

Council Member Keith Blocker, who also guided the August 27th tour, guided the tour on September 7, along with Downtown On The Go Tour Guides. The History Guide for the Hilltop Neighborhood Walking Tour, Gerald Eysaman, who was the guide who led the tour in 1995 (or 1996) was not the guide for the Downtown On The Go Hilltop History Walk.  It had been great to hear his presentation on August 27, 2016, and to go along with a History Walk with the city again. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There Were A Lot Of Students In Our School

Tacoma had a good school system when I went there.  So when I put together realities that surround the fact that the school wanted me to skip fifth grade I have to include the fact that I was an early boomer.  Maybe they wanted to lighten the numbers in the fifth grade classroom.  My parents did not allow it.

I thought I must be smart for them to want me to skip.  But I knew they thought I was too large for the fifth grade desks.  They did have to bring a sixth grade desk into the fifth grade classroom for me.  In fifth grade I visited the eye doctor in the K Street District, the teachers and staff never noticed that in Fourth Grade I could not see the blackboard the way I was able to see the blackboard in Third Grade.  My grades were the same, because I did the work at my desk and could listen.  But I squinted my eyes together to try to see.  I did not find the courage to tell my mother I thought I needed glasses until Fifth Grade.

I know they saw I was too large but did not see that I had trouble seeing.  That happened to the boomers – there were probably a lot of lapsed applied effort that should have been made on our behalf, but there were so many that they did not have people to do this.  The school did a lot of things for us. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Commented At The Budget Event

Once someone who was in Tacoma, where her forebears lived, visited First Lutheran Church and hoped to find leads about the past.  It was an honor to be able to help, I was able to connect her to appropriate heritage group people and to show her materials that were at the Northwest Room at the Main Library.  She also could go on the internet there.

Snake Lake Nature Center

Friends of Tacoma Public Library are clarifying beliefs we have about the priority that should be shown for the library in the city budget.  The city manager visits Neighborhood Councils now, yesterday evening I mentioned a few short points at the Central Neighborhood Council at Snake Lake Nature Center.