Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thirty Years Vegetarian January 1997- January 2017

January 1987 to January 2017 - thirty years of Vegetarian foods.  The third floor galley kitchen of the brick apartment building had less ventilation.  As I moved in I stopped eating meat, began with eggs and dairy but continued to vegan.  Now I buy eggs but not dairy. 

At the Puyallup Fair one year I knew a memorable moment in a quiet spot close to the dairy building - I had a free small cup of chocolate milk.  For the most part, I complied with the necessities of being a vegan. 

Part of my lunch during my volunteer job break today was cantaloupe I carried from my apartment. (I have moved twice since my move-in to the brick apartment building in 1997.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Year 2017

The bus yesterday went past snow on the lawns and roofs on the east side of Tacoma.  A bus I thought I wanted left as I reached the downtown transit center, because it was cold I got on another bus.  At the Goodwill I found a plastic coated metal small rack but cannot find one like it anywhere on the internet, so I do not know what it was for.  At the University Place library later I saw someone taking down the Menorah.  It was a chilly day, with some snow remaining along the transit routes.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Facebook Discussion With Other Arthur Ransome Childhood Readers

"Laura had read in Arthur Ransome you had to tack to sail upwind,  you tacked from one side of the lake to the other to sail against the wind."  In an essay about childhood reading published at Salt River Review, I remembered Arthur Ransome. 

On Facebook a couple of days ago:  "I can attach a crop from The Summer Reading Club in 5th Grade - I was re-reading Arthur Ransome books to make reports the summer I was ten..."and
"I recall how terribly interested I was to discover a biography of Arthur Ransome in the 1980s. I think it must have been The Life of Arthur Ransome by Hugh Brogan, shown on the internet. I read the biography with a lot of enjoyment. I discovered many things I did not know about the author."  I shared an earlier blog entry about The Summer Reading Club.

This year I watched the 1970s Swallows and Amazons movie in episodes on the library internet computer.  At some point I expect I will be able to view the new 2016 movie, Swallows and Amazons.  To read some of the older titles, in older formats, was to enjoy other illustrators than Arthur Ransome, especially Helene Carter.  I re-read parts of The Picts and the Martyrs during the year and realize how beautifully written the story is – although Helene Carter is not present in the version I read, the book is a wonderful read without those illustrations.  So it was the writing that was wonderful for me at the time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Read This Poem at the December Open Mike at King's Books

Christmas Angels 1960s

White Christmas 
A Poem From The 1990s 

My list of birds I saw in the winter.  Robin,
Spotted Towhee, American Widgeon, Surf-Scoter -

Herring Gull, Woodpecker, Oregon Junco -
who appears here in the bushes, inside
the flowering camelia at the door.  Once
I wanted to see White Christmas.  No one else

wanted to go.   But my mother let me off
in the dark above the Rialto; the neon, but
only the street, dark, and other cars.
Canada Goose, Wood Duck, Buffle-Head -

Hooded Merganser, Heron, Hawk, Wren -
White Christmas was fine.  Only the worn
gummy carpet, the curtain that slowly flung
open and the Technicolor.  I was in junior high,

but there was nothing wrong in being alone
at the movies.  We never ascended the levels
at the Roxy to the stained glass.
Western Grebe, Cormorant, Sparrow, Crow -

Goose, small tit inside the many blossoms
of the flowering quince.They restored the Roxy,
the old Pantages.  In the dark we never noticed
that the curtain was magnificent.
Now during the vigor of arms at violins
we glance up at a sculpted muse with sheaves
of grain.  And the Rialto, too, is restoration.
And on the street of stores a chickadee

might try the new branches of the saplings.
Today was tree day.  Blocks I walked from school
are anchored by them, eight each way, small pears
and they are flowering.  And a sparrow,

the sparrow who would greet you kindly
at the bus stop, who would stop and stand
and look from concrete that I thought went
to the center of the earth, but that was not,

perhaps, that deep, but ony a thin shell
over top soil.  The mallard, the pigeon,
the others I could not recall.  Or could not name.
The Varied Thrush, the Flicker, the Golden-Eye.

And the Eared Grebe, and the Sparrow
with the stripe, the dark one. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday, Thanksgving Weekend

Needed to pick up some groceries.  A pink sky lighted everything, and from the bus a rainbow.  After the store saw Eyes Of The Totem at the ten a.m. Saturday Holiday Matinee at the Blue Mouse at Proctor, they will follow with a twelve-thirty matinee.  The Eyes Of The Totem was great.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Rain On Thanksgiving 2016

Inflated Race Gateway
and Washington Grade School
Nine o'clock.  Twenty minutes into my hour three crows and a seagull flew over in my park pond count space.   I got a bus in my poncho to transfer at Proctor for Point Defiance, "Here we go on to a detour" the driver said...From 30th Street we turned toward the Turkey Trot.  At the store I could get the Point Defiance bus, on detour.  At the park: cormorants dove in rain, surf scoters (photos),  three or four kingfishers.  A seal nose at the surface for awhile, seagulls gathered near the seal.  It was possibly a seal, maybe a sea lion.  It went away, possibly beneath the old boathouse, where Iwould not see it.  
Male and Female Surf Scoters

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Plans For Monday's Transit Hearing

Transit Interior
At King's books Friday Evening I read the comments I plan for the Pierce Transit Hearing at the Transit Headquarters at 4 pm on Monday.  I oppose removal of service through Old Town.

Last November also found some of us at a Pierce Transit bus hearing.  The “We have been here before” pattern this time reinforced for me thoughts from much earlier Pierce Transit conversations. 

A route along Tacoma Avenue from Stadium to the County-City Building was considered, and I remembered that.   

Right now Routes 13, 14, and 16 on Tacoma Avenue at Norton Memorial Park verr downhill to the left from Tacoma Avnue to go downtown on St. Helens.  The route I remember would hav verred uphill to the right to pass Norton Memorial Park to continue along Tacoma Avenue to the County-City Building. 

At the Main Library in a Northwest room file an article describes a Shuttle Service suggested for downtown in 1994, twenty-two years ago.  This article might have been about the plan I remember. 

On our current map of change plans there are gray lines that guie me to connect Route 3 and Route 13.  Rought 3 is to be changed and Route 13 is to go. A plan could continue Route 13 uphill to the right to pass Norton Memorial Park and continue to be Route 3 along Tacoma Avenue to the County-City Building. 

Who would this help?   ----------     This would help senior citizens who use walkers and live in three large buildings on G Street.  G Street is a block from Tacoma Avenue.  Seniors who use walkers find downhill is a barrier.  It is downhill from Tacoma Avenue to St. Helens. 

Three large buildings in those blocks are for seniors.  Other seniors live in other buildings on these blocks.  Any who use walkers could then use bus stops on Tacoma Avenue.

The bus on Tacoms Avenue would keep service to old town.  I oppose removal of service through old town.