Friday, May 15, 2015

Separate Out Of One

While I planned another blog entry things came up.   Time passed.  As I look back at the poster I made that creates a display of separate photos out of one, the poster appears now similar to the Lost Letters that fan out, separate from the Pony Express Rider in the Google 155th Pony Express Keyboard Interactive game. 

It has been fun to play the Pony Express Game.  I wonder if the history is true – if horses were lost in avalanches along the route, or if they did run into rock formations or fences.  It reminds me of Deconstruction. 
To have created a Deconstruction of the photo of the Library allowed me to glimpse the chair, the table, the lights in the ceiling with more slow attention, just as these things were glimpsed with attention years ago.  


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another Version of the Photo From Previous Blog

This version of the photo of the drawing is not cropped.  It was interesting to keep the drawing notebook.

During The Trip to Scandinavia in 1990, I Did Keep A Drawing Notebook

During The Trip to Scandinavia in 1990, I Did Keep A Drawing Notebook - This is a cell phone photo of one of the drawings, Enhanced on the Cell Phone.
Haderslev, Denmark, April 1990

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

There Were Other Birds In Jutland - In April 1990

640 Monday 23

Drew a little before the bibliotek opened at 9 -
            I spent only an hour looking at a book
            I had planned to spend only an hour.
            I had a banana from a stand in the cobbled street.
            Here roofs all red tile and the fjerde terns are calling and playing in the water.  Then a water boat churns toward them and it is a change.
            A crow sound and it is gray and black.
            There is a chickadee comes and lights on a tree branch but it is yellow?  Maybe the light!
            Then a duck thinks and heads toward me and another chases it into the water - 
            a stripe on his chest?
            another black and gray raven.
(One black & gray in bird book has light eye ring one has dark and this has light eye ring)


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Diary Of Trip to Denmark, Laura Jensen: At the early morning rainy library to drop ten books in the book slot...

(From the Internet I have used a site to create a posterization from a photo.  The photo was on the Pacific Northwest Room's section of the Tacoma Public Library - I think I could just have shared the photo.  Uncertainty remains, and the content of the photo is The Library, uncertain year.)  This was the McCormick Branch Library for so many years.  Fifty years ago (in 1990, twenty-five years before) I got an application form at the downtown library, completed the form at home, turned the form in at the McCormick Branch Library.  They called me, interviewed me, and accepted me.  I started work in July 1965, and worked twenty hours a week for two years. 

I believe my flight to Denmark left in the afternoon.  When I was on my way to the airport on the trip to Denmark, Sweden, and Finland in 1990, the McCormick Branch Library entered my notes.  It was a different book slot I was accustomed to after just about a year and a half:  the library lists Autumn 1988 as the opening of the McCormick Regional Library.  The 1927 McCormick library became a meeting room.  I looked into the ceiling as I turned off the chandeliers at the end of a day.

Tuesday morning I rose early and took the bus to the early morning rainy library to drop ten books in the book slot...I caught the bus with my luggage, missed one, so I carried it past the park, jay-walked over Division Avenue, and folded my cotton shawl under the awning...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Connection To A Video Of The Ferry

On the Internet is a video from 1992 that shows the Nyland Ferry, the Railway Ferry the train I rode on took to the Island of Fyn.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Trip Diary 1990 - The Train Rolled on to a Ferry

In Copenhagen I went to look at The Little Mermaid: 

...Harbor with a huge white & a huge protective paint orange liner – the Little Mermaid was small was approached by a shingle of large slabs of rock – one could walk very close.

            I took the bus to the Stroget & walked back – a lady with an accordian, central or            S. American with whistles &a guitar, a flautist, some rock players, all were street musicians.

            Supper & ready to go tomorrow -

Saturday April 21, 1990 11:05 pm  

I had only a short walk from the hotel to the train station.  The train rolled on to a ferry: 

(At the ferry I asked about the instructions, the younger man answered and his English sounded good.)  One who seemed young sat quietly at the window on my seat.

            The two men who talked opened a small whiskey flask.  And had some with coffee and smoked.  The ferry was very comfortable for riding.  I went briefly out to the outside deck – the boat steered almost in a circle.  At my point its side was white on the water with froth from the turn – I could look back from the side to see the dock we left.

            It was cold so I went to the train to wait.  The conductor put me into a reserved seat – the other compartment was full of cigarette smoke.  We crossed the Island of Fyn.  There were green fields and fields of yellow flowers that might have been mustard.  There were small log loads, small and irregular deciduous logs from a forest that was logged with many trees left with wide intervals.  The trunks seemed so known and to have such individual character – and I have never seen deciduous trees logged.

            I saw a mound of field at one place.  I played my recorder.  Two people talking seemed to make me tired.  A young woman got on at Odense – its platform billboards and arrangements reminded me of New York trains, new and streel frames of narrow contrast to the massive brick buldings that are older.

            I played my recorder again – the young woman at Odense was greeted as a friend by a young man on the train in my new compartment, he was with his sister.

            We crossed two suspension bridges, and that was all of the island of Fyn,  – through the window I could see the second bridge ahead.  The train would curve to the right and we would cross to Jutland.