Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Poplar Trees In Wright Park

Another View of the Poplar Trees in Wright Park.

Not Poplars, Maple Trees

The trees in the previous post are not poplars, they are maples.  They are columnar maples, maples suitable for tight spaces.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Peacocks and Poplars

Back in Finland, at the Helsingfors Zoo – 1990 – the peacock possessed such solitude which made an impression on me of vulnerability.  I traveled alone I think I transferred the solitude in my thoughts.   At a short distance along the path a different side of a zoo wall appeared where the peacock others moved about where they were gathered.  Their casual gaze slightly noticed me.  Outnumbered. 

Along the block downhill from the park and kitty corner across the street from the Hob Nob:  can these street trees be Poplar Trees?  Have these street trees become another aspect of Poplar Trees in this neighborhood?

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Thoughts About Trees and Family At Wright Park

Tree Name Card
My great-grandmother joined my great-grandfather when he had spent nine years in Tacoma, she traveled with their two daughters, Amanda and Marie, to arrive in August, 1896.  Probably Lowell School was the early outreach, but soon First Lutheran Church must have become a destination too.  Like my experience, they went to school, they came straight home.  I have rediscovered that there are more Lombardy Poplars at the park, planted in 1895. 
Four Poplar Trees

How tall would a Lombardy Poplar Tree at Wright Park have been if my grandmother and her sister wanted to walk from the church at 8th and “I” through the park to take the streetcar the rest of the way downhill to Old Tacoma?  The Lombardy Poplars might have been 28 years old in 1923, if my mother or her brothers wanted to walk from the church, still at 8th and “I”, through the park to take the streetcar the rest of the way downhill to Old Tacoma.  In 1924, when the Lombardy Poplars were 29 years old, my uncle Ray began Confirmation Class.  Confirmation Class was a one-year experience then, compared to the two-year experience of the 1960s, when I was confirmed at First Lutheran Church.  The very old flowering cherry tree near the bus stop may be the younger flowering cherry tree there when I waited for the bus to ride back to the Proctor Neighborhood.  We went to church, we came straight home.

Their grandfather often drove them to school, and probably to Sunday School in his Chrysler.  They also often walked to school, however, up the steep hill from Old Town. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Eleventh Anniversary of Spice Drawer Mouse

Today!  The Eleventh Anniversary of Spice Drawer Mouse!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trees Near Hob Nob Removed (Edited Entry)

From G Street
This winter a tree fell and damaged a house across from Wright Park, across the alley from the Hob Nob Restaurant.  The building went up in 1925, the restaurant has been there since 1936.   Trees appear in the Hob Nob 1996 photograph in the Tacoma Public Library Buildings Index.  These poplar trees were like the grove of a few poplar trees across the street, just up Sixth Avenue a little.

As an undergraduate at the University of Washington in Seattle (1967-1972) I learned the name of Ratatosk, the squirrel, the messenger from the roots of the World Tree to Eagle in the top branches.  Scandinavian Mythology and classes in Scandinavian Culture were accessible to me, in English.  I also learned some basic Swedish from the Swedish Language classes.  At the large park in Helsingfors in 1990 I remember a red squirrel at the roots of a tree, how he dug about.  This winter I remember the squirrel who ran up and down the trees behind The Hob Nob Restaurant in their last days. 
Tacoma Public Library photo

When I went down the alley beside the Hob Nob to look closer at these trees, trees where the squirrel went along, trees with rope lines attached, I saw they were not alley trees, but back yard trees.  I am not sure if the yard belongs to the Hob Nob.  Just behind the restaurant, below a flight of down-stairs, there was a vegetable garden patch; closer to the alley, down on the other side of a fence, were the trees. 

The last time I passed by I saw the trees are gone now.  The remembered Wright Park Poplar Trees are gone too.  The park inventory of so many years ago, that could still include those poplar trees,  perhaps in the 1990s, remains a part of their planning.  Concerned are not only people, but birds, opossums, raccoons, and squirrels. 

Tarp and board on house

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Drums

To return to a Valentine Post from 2010 - yes, eight years ago - a school paper picture of the drum set my Uncle Gilbert owned when I was young.  Great to use the drum sticks on the drum set in the rec room at a family holiday.