Monday, October 20, 2014

Computer Art - Sur Le Table

Another Computer Art saved with a camera from my twentieth century computer.
Sur Le Table 2

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Computer Art

Butterfly 3, which has been
modified with the camera phone
Longer entries to Spice Drawer Mouse are written on a computer, specifically the Surplus Library Computer I bought in 2007.  Some of the time I have done some Computer Art, and lately I have saved my computer art by snapping photographs.  I have saved a few on discs.  This is just one of the art pieces from my 20th Century computer, which runs Windows 98.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday and Sunday, History, Second Part

In the 1950s at Washington Grade School we had recess in the basement, a photo of the old basement was featured in the new on Saturday.  At the Junior High School in Edgewood, the Nordic Festival featured a Viking Shelter and more crafts.

Saturday and Sunday of History

Saturday and Sunday were Scandinavian days...the church requested the people show photographs of people who had been in weddings at First Lutheran Church.  I wanted to make a copy of the Marriage Return filled out by Pastor Frisk in 1905 regarding my grandparents marriage. (At Proctor I toured the restored Washington Grade School, and that was very nice.  We loved school and it mattered so much, I will always think of myself as a school child.) I planned ahead to make a copy of my grandparents's marriage return, which was on my usb, Saturday morning at Wheelock Library then connect for the Saturday trip to the Nordic Festival. 
A previous exterior window
is preserved on the intereior
The 14 bus connected to the Airporter via Federal Way, where I caught a bus to the Nyholm Windmill and walked to the Junior High School. 

Two photos showed 1954
when my cousin's was married
at First Lutheran Church
On Sunday morning they had a lot of photos of people who had been in weddings - I was a part of my cousin's wedding in 1954.  It was sixty years ago, and sixty years ago that I was in Kindergarten at the grade school. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Speech by Paul Lundborg, Retired Lutheran Pastor, at Runeberg Lodge

Retired Lutheran Pastor Paul Lundborg spoke about family history at the Runeberg Lodge this afternoon.  His book is called Death of A Dream.  He is a descendent of settlers who died in the U.S. / Dakota Wars in the 1860s.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Valhalla Silverware

September 20, 1964, the Sunday News Tribune included an article about an 80th anniversary banquet to be held at the Valhalla Hall the following Saturday night, and that although the 80th anniversary of the Swedish Order of Valhalla was in December, the celebration in recent years was held in September to avoid conflict with the holidays.  I include here, fifty years later, Silverware from the old Valhalla Hall.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Scandinavian Dances at the Valhalla Hall During World War Two

This poem refers to the U.S.O. for African-American Servicemen and Women.  (Please click to see a photo of the building in 1945.)  And It refers to the Valhalla Hall, where Scandinavian Americans could attend Scandinavian dances.

Valhalla Hall, 2008 - the brick building from about 1926,
it was demolished to build the new health center

Commerce Street, 2012


She kept a scrapbook.  Pasted in
Is a program from a piano recital
At The American Legion Assembly Room.
Not The American Legion Hall,
Built in 1930 across from the park.
Photos at the library show the Assembly Room
Interior, the ceiling and window structure
The same as a 1922 news photograph
Of the American Legion Assembly Room. 
Other library photos are of African-American
Service men and women at their own
USO Club at 713-715 Commerce, 
the American Legion Assembly Room. 

On the recital program they have taken
The opportunity to make her seem
More sophisticated and professional
By adding to her last name, an e.
Linnea Gorde performed A La Bien Aimee. 

In the 1930s she performed
As a dance band piano player at
The Valhalla Hall.  Her second accordion player,
Claus Anderson, on May 29, 1942,
Promised a PA demonstration at the next
Meeting night of the Swedish Order of Valhalla.
He was a member of the committee
To replace the PA.  The job went to Bark’s
Electric.  The Scandinavian soldiers
Could go the the Valhalla Hall for dances.
Her first accordion player and her drummer,
Her brothers, were in Alaska and The Pacific. 

At the dining room window was a basket
Of white rocks my grandma found
On the beach on the island.
There was a small wooden Chinese man
Who pulled a rickshaw.  Through
The lace window curtain was the
Steep front yard.  In the living room was
The piano, where she had rehearsed
A La Bien Aimee by Shutt in 1923.